50th Birthday Presents

50th Birthday Presents

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What are the best 50th birthday present ideas?

50 is a milestone birthday, and deserves to be celebrated as such. If you’re looking for extra special 50th birthday gift ideas, look past inane material gifts and go for something really spectacular - an exciting experience to mark the occasion. Whether you’re shopping for a family member, friend, or organising an exciting adventure to treat yourself on your own 50th, we have experiences everyone will love in our huge range at Adrenaline. 

With thousands of experiences, adventures and activities across Australia available at Adrenaline, we have the perfect gift for every occasion and person. Whether they’re into bucket list experiences, extreme sports, outdoorsy adventures or relaxed, indulgent fun, you’ll easily find the perfect 50th birthday gift ideas with us.  

This is a big occasion that calls for celebration and gifts of equal measure, so it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in an extraordinary experience. Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate a 50th or gift ideas for someone turning 50, an experience from our extensive range is the perfect choice. There’s nothing more valuable than enjoying an experience, so give a gift that matters for the big 5-0.

There are great 50th gift ideas in our flying experiences category that anyone would be excited about. It could be a hot air balloon ride over Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, Byron Bay, Melbourne CBD, or any of the other spectacular locations you’ll find at Adrenaline. Make it extra special with a package that includes a gourmet meal and champagne!

You could treat them to a scenic helicopter flight that goes soaring over some of the most beautiful locations in Australia. See iconic sights like the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays, Sydney Harbour or Uluru, and enjoy the thrill of flying with this unforgettable experience.

If they’re a bit of a thrill-seeker they might want to try the in-air rollercoaster that is an aerobatic joy flight, or go flying in a military-grade jet fighter. They could even hop into the pilot’s seat and learn to fly with our amazing range of flying lessons

For any petrol heads out there, you can find a huge range of high-thrill and super-luxury driving experiences at Adrenaline. We have everything from V8 experiences, rally driving, Supercar drive days, quad biking, ride experiences on majestic Harley Davidson motorcycles, and heaps more that will satisfy their need for speed and the finer things in life. 

We also have a huge range of water-based sports and experiences that are perfect 50th birthday gift ideas or great ways to celebrate. They could enjoy a sailing experience out on the open water with fine dining and even champagne in some packages. Or check out our cruises that range from inner-city river cruising to sightseeing Australia’s most incredible coastal spots. Or get up close and personal with marine wildlife with a whale watching cruise. The options are seemingly endless at Adrenaline, so finding great 50th birthday presents is easy.

Also, if your 50th birthday requires something soothing and decadent, Adrenaline offers luxurious cruise experiences, chocolate making classes and scenic hot air balloon flights.

You can find plenty of great 50th birthday gifts and celebratory experiences at Adrenaline and book in a matter of moments. An exciting new experience is the most valuable thing to give, so whether you choose an experience for them to enjoy, or buy an Adrenaline gift voucher and let them decide, it’s the perfect 50th gift. 

Are gift vouchers a good 50th birthday gift?

Choosing the right gift can feel challenging, and when it’s a birthday as big a deal as a 50th, the pressure is on. So why not consider giving a gift voucher, and give them the freedom to decide exactly what they want? 

A gift voucher is a great 50th birthday gift - but only if you give the right kind of voucher. Avoid gift cards for a mall or shop, as those are basically just a fancy way of giving someone cash. It doesn’t have a personal touch or a lot of thought behind the gift, and it shows. 

But a gift voucher for an experience is completely different. You are giving someone the opportunity to do something exciting that they might not have done otherwise. People are not always likely to put time aside to enjoy themselves, let alone pay to do something extra special purely for the purpose of enjoyment. That’s where we come in. With an Adrenaline gift voucher you are giving them permission to have an adventure, do something exciting, and make memories worth remembering. That’s the most valuable gift you can give anyone, and it’s a great gift idea for a 50th birthday. 

So, you could give them a gift voucher for a specific experience, like skydiving or an adrenaline gift voucher for a dollar amount of your choice to spend on an experience of their choice. Either way, you’re nailing it with a unique and thoughtful 50th birthday present.

As a bonus, our gift vouchers operate with complete flexibility. A voucher is valid for five years, and can actually be used to purchase any experience on the site - even if it was originally purchased for a specific experience. So, for example, a skydiving voucher could be used to book a horse riding tour, and vice versa. If it costs more than the value of the original experience someone just has to pay the difference - it’s that easy! So whatever happens, you know that in the end your gift will be used on something that they’re really excited about, and that’s a great safety net.

Plus, you can purchase Adrenaline experiences and vouchers online in a matter of moments - with Afterpay available - and have it instantly delivered by email. So it’s a great last minute gift idea no matter how late you’ve left it. You can buy online easily and find thousands of great 50th birthday gift ideas at your fingertips.

Make the 50th birthday the special occasion it should be with an Adrenaline experience.