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What are some fun activities to do at home?

Right now, you’re probably spending a lot more time at home and less time out and about. It’s important to stay safe, meaning you’ll have to wait until a later date to enjoy our thousands of adventures across Australia, but there’s no reason why you can’t still have a little fun indoors.

Take a look at our Activities at Home range and you’ll find plenty of fun experiences and things to do at home, perfect for all ages and personalities. These experiences are a great way to add some excitement to time indoors, and with everything from laser tag and online magic lessons to pizza making kits and escape room board games delivered online or to your door, there’s no reason to be bored.

What are things to do when you’re bored at home?

Had enough of sitting around watching TV? Need a break from DIY projects? Find some more enjoyable things to do at home, right here at Adrenaline.

Whether you’re home alone, with flatmates, your partner or the entire family, you’ll find all kinds of fun things to do to keep the adults entertained in the Adrenaline Activities at Home range. We’ve set this up to make it easier for you to add some adventure to your day, without even needing to go outside.

There are new skills to be learned, laughs to be had and puzzles to be solved, so why not take the opportunity to try something new and book an adventure we can deliver to you. These activities would also be a great gift idea for friends or family, so why not treat them too? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Play games together

Games are a great way to bring the family together, but if you’re bored of the same old board games then add some fun with an escape room board game. These thrilling games bring all the excitement, challenges, puzzles and problem solving of escape rooms directly to your door. There are all kinds of themes and difficulty levels too, so take your pick while ordering! Grab two gamesfour games or even give the awesome at-home virtual reality escape room game a go.

Get cooking 

With dining out at restaurants off the table with social distancing laws in place due to Coronavirus, there’s never been a better time to brush up on your cooking skills.  We’re all for backing your local eateries by turning to them for takeaways, but there’s something really special about a meal you made yourself. Don’t just settle for the same old, same old though, the real rewards come when you get creative and try new recipes and dishes. Grab everything you need for some seriously tasty meals with our home-made pasta kit, perfect pizza pack, Spanish paella set or even our home-made ice cream maker.

Learn new tricks

Now is a great time to learn new skills and take those you already have to the next level. Online lessons are an awesome way to do that, without needing to meet up face to face. You can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a pro from the comfort of your own home! For new skills that are sure to impress, how about booking in for some one-on-one time with an online magic class with a professional magician? You’ll learn a range of tricks to dazzle friends and family with.

Or how about a private online photography class with a professional to take your pictures to the next level? If snooker or pool is more your thing (and you’re lucky enough to have a table at home), take the opportunity to learn to play like a pro with a private online lesson. And the sky’s the limit for aviation enthusiasts and pilots-in-training with online flight training.

Things to do at home with kids

Looking for Activities for kids at home? We’re here to help with a range of fun ideas and things to do. From everyday fun to liven up a rainy day to great birthday gifts, there are a variety of experiences your little ones can enjoy at home, including:

Laser tag at home

Get off the sofa, cut down your screen time and get moving with this home delivered laser tag kit. Kids will love letting off some steam and this is a fun, safe way to do it, that includes everything you need to play and play again for your two day hire. It makes use of infra-red phasers, so there’s no mess or physical contact needed. Australia-wide delivery is included, so place your order and give it a blast. Outdoor activities at home just got a lot more exciting.

Online hula hoop lesson 

Kids getting bored? Let a professional circus performer entertain them and teach them the art of hula hooping. It’s a great way to give you a break and they’ll love dancing, wiggling their hips and learning new skills. You’ll even be sent a video download afterwards, so why not make the most of it and get the kids to dress up for the experience? And there’s no reason why you can’t join in a bit too!

Minecraft, Roblox and coding lessons

Let your kids indulge their inner tech wiz and banish boredom with some educational screen time they’ll really enjoy. Our range of one-on-one tuition options for Minecraft and Roblox will see them learning skills like coding, electronics and engineering as they work towards a finished project like their own Roblox game, a Minecraft rollercoaster or even a robot!

Learn to play chess

Chess is a whole lot of fun and a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged at home. With these online chess lessons, developed for 7 to 12 -years-old, your little ones will learn how to play chess, develop strategic, cognitive thinking skills and be taught the importance of playing fairly and kindly against others. With 20 online chess tutorials, games, and live virtual chess against other kids, it’s the perfect cure for boredom.

Meet the animals experience

So, you can’t take the family to the zoo right now, well virtual animal experiences are the next best thing. From the comfort of your living room your kiddos can tune in (via Zoom video chat) to say hello to wombats, sugar gliders, and other famous Australian mammals. Or, for the ultimate in kids activities, treat them to three one-hour sessions, where they can also virtually meet reptiles and critters. Hosted by animal experts, these educational home activities are a great rainy day activity.

Get creative

There are all kinds of fun things to do at home with kids that can be enjoyed for free, or very little cost. Use your imagination and have some fun with games like I spy and charades. Get the crayons and paints out for some arts and crafts or let them create a masterpiece with playdough or Lego. Or get out into the garden and make an obstacle course or set up a scavenger hunt with prizes at stake!

How to stay active at home?

There are all kind of ways to stay fit and healthy during lockdown and beyond. From one-on-one and online personal training sessions, tailored to your specific goals and fitness levels, to fun activities that will get you moving in and around your home. Check out our blog for more ways to keep fit at home and during times of isolation.

Things to do at home as a couple

With many of the traditional date night options on hold, it’s time to get creative. You might be spending a lot of time together at the moment, but while you’re stuck at home it can be all too easy to slip into a routine of watching the latest hits on Netflix (other streaming services are available!) and forgetting to really enjoy some quality time as a couple. Our range features plenty of things to do at home as a couple. From online painting experiences to sitting back and being entertained by a live performer, take a look and book in your next date night at home together now. Or, why not show the one you love how much you care by giving them an epic experience to look forward to? There’s no time like the present to start planning your next adventure.