Unique bucket list experiences to do in Australia

The thought of having a list of all the things you want to do before you die, or ‘kick the bucket as it were, is a bit of a sobering thought. But morbid or not, we’re all for it!

One thing most bucket lists tend to have in common is that they’re littered with adrenaline-filled experiences that, ironically, tend to remind you you’re still alive. Thankfully this is our area of expertise. This list is a little different though… We won’t let you down by omitting the classics, but we’ve also put a new spin on the old bucket list, offering up a few options you might not have previously considered.

Let’s start with the classics…


Nothing quite prepares you for plunging headfirst out of a perfectly good aircraft from 15,000 feet. But once you’re free falling all of that fear and doubt rushes away and you give yourself over to the incredible experience that is skydiving. In no time the chute is up and you’re floating, exhilarated, like a bird.  There are a number of different styles of skydiving to choose from and each and every type of experience is designed to provide the ultimate in gravity-defying exhilaration.

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Drive a supercar

Want to live the Top Gear life before your time is up? A supercar drive day is perfect for anyone who wants to put the pedal to the metal, feel the wind in their hair and really take in the thrill of driving a beast of vehicular glory. If you’ve always dreamed of being Nicolas Cage in Gone in Sixty Seconds, or getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, then this experience must be on the list.

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Swim with sharks

Is swimming with sharks on your bucket list? Do you find yourself imagining what you’d do when looking into the black eyes and rows and rows of sharp teeth of the ocean’s most feared and ferocious predator? Well look no further. Adrenaline has a huge range of shark diving experiences that will have you up close and personal with this top order predator, and leave you wondering if you’re about to meet your maker...

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 Learn to fly (with a jetpack)

Look, we’ll be honest here - we can’t actually make you fly. But we can get you as close as humanly possible in this lifetime. Jet pack experiences are an awesome, and perhaps surprisingly, safe, adventure. The jet pack unit blasts hundreds of litres of water through specially designed ‘thrust nozzles’ to make you fly over the water. It’s like something Alfred would have presented to Batman - except in this version you’re the superhero.

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And some you may not have considered…


Learn to sail

Channel your inner Captain Cook - you know, without the bloody ending on the shores of Hawaii - and learn to sail the high seas. Given Australia is the largest island continent in the world, and we are literally “girt by sea”, our fascination with the ocean and water sports is no surprise. And with our vast range of sailing experiences, you can add ‘buccaneer’ to your list of things to do before you die. There’s no time like the present, so seas the day (see what we did there…?)

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Cook the ultimate steak!

It’s a time honoured tradition in many Aussie households to enjoy carcinogenic steak in summer. But we think it’s time to put a stop to the national pastime of burning the buggery out of the barbie. In this experience, you’ll learn how to cook the ultimate BBQ, and we think that’s a skill everyone should learn in this lifetime. And think about it, if you end up down below with old mate Satan, at least you’ll be able to put all those open flames to good use.

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