Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, then you’re in the right place. With Adrenaline’s huge range of experiences, great gift ideas are easy. You’ll find skydiving, V8 driving, fishing charters, helicopter rides and more to make his Christmas gift special.

Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends Australia

What to get my boyfriend for Christmas?

Trying to find fun Christmas gifts for your boyfriend can seem challenging when you’re desperate to get it right. So every year when Christmas comes around you’re faced with the task of finding thoughtful gifts that he’ll actually enjoy. Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a boyfriend is as easy as moving away from material things, and looking instead into experiences that he’ll really love. Most people already have a lot of ‘stuff’, and at the end of the day an experience is much more valuable and memorable than any thing that can fit under the tree.

So for great Christmas ideas for a boyfriend, browse the site for an epic range of experiences you could surprise him with. You can browse the Adrenaline site by different categories, or by location, and check out what experiences you think would make a fun Christmas present for your boyfriend. To help you out, we’ve put together a bit of a Christmas gift guide including some of the most popular experiences among people shopping for men. So here are some gift ideas to get you started:

  • If you’re keen to spoil him with something just for him, there are plenty of incredible driving experiences you could get him right here at Adrenaline. Let your boyfriend indulge his inner rev-head with a chance to drive a V8 race car or strap in while a professional driver takes him round the track for thrilling hot laps. He could also live out his rally driving fantasies with one of the rally driving packages across Australia. There are also opportunities to drive supercars like Lamborghinis or Ferraris and live life in the fast lane. Make your boyfriend very happy with a thoughtful Christmas present from our range.

  • For men that are more into laid back leisure time, there are heaps of fishing tours and experiences that will suit him perfectly. It could be a day out on a charter boat, a private fishing lesson, or maybe a combo experience that brings together the excitement of 4WD safari with the tranquility of beach fishing. There are fishing experiences in all the best spots in Australia.

  • Make his Christmas present truly extraordinary with a helicopter ride. This could even be one that you do together, which is a bonus for you! Our huge range of helicopter flight experiences take you soaring over the most beautiful cityscapes, oceanic wonders and lush bushlands in Australia, and the panoramic aerial views are impossible to beat. You’ll definitely nail it with this perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend.

  • Quad biking is the kind of hands-on activity that is just pure fun. You can find quad biking tours around beautiful landscapes and exciting terrains that will make the perfect Christmas gift for an adventurous boyfriend. Get him a quad bike, ATV, or UTV experience for Christmas and it will be his favourite thing under the tree.

  • Brewery tours and beer tasting experiences make really thoughtful gifts for boyfriends who love beer, or just love a relaxing and extra-special drinking session. We’ve beer tasting experiences across Australia, so you can find something that suits you and is the perfect gift for him.

These are just a few of the Christmas present ideas for your boyfriend from the huge range of experiences at Adrenaline. There are more experiences and adventures being added all the time, so you should have no problem finding creative gifts that he’ll be stoked to receive. The excitement of unwrapping a gift that’s actually an experience for him or for the two of you to share is a great way to draw out the value of a gift and make this Christmas extra special, so take a look and secure the perfect gift.

What is the best Christmas present for a new boyfriend?

The best thing about a new relationship is that everything you do is charged with the excitement of newness. Everything is a first, and you’re basically in a perpetual state of honeymooning, whether you realise it or not. So instead of getting your new boyfriend some ‘thing’ for Christmas, get him something to experience. With our huge range of experiences, you can find a huge selection of unique gift ideas that you guys can enjoy together, so you can lap up the excitement of your new relationship.

You might like to pick something seriously adventurous for you two to take on together from our gifts for couples range, or a more low-key experience that would make a romantic gift for your boyfriend. Christmas gifts for new boyfriends can seem intimidating, but you can’t go wrong with a special experience for you to share. As a plus, it’s also a gift that you get to enjoy, so Merry Christmas to you!

What to get your boyfriend who has everything for Christmas?

In direct contradiction to gender clich├ęs, some guys really have a lot of stuff. So if he’s always buying himself material things and seems to already have everything, what do you get him for Christmas? Buying Christmas gifts for boyfriends who have everything can seem impossible, but that’s only if you’re trying to think of more ‘things’ to get him. You need to think outside of the box about thoughtful gifts that will actually be used. He might have everything, but he can’t have experienced everything, so an experience gift is a perfect solution.

Check out the Gifts for Men suggestions on Adrenaline and you’ll be sure to find great Christmas ideas for a boyfriend that seems to already have it all. You could get him an epic race car driving experience, a beer-tasting or brewery tour, or even a helicopter ride for you two to share. There are hundreds and hundreds of experiences available at Adrenaline, so finding unique gift ideas is just a few clicks away.

How much should I spend on my boyfriend for Christmas?

Knowing how much to spend on a gift for a boyfriend can be a bit awkward. Luckily at Christmas, you’re exchanging gifts and you can eliminate that awkwardness by deciding on an appropriate price range that you both agree on. That way if you just want to exchange gifts then you know that’s what you’re looking for, and if you decide on a bigger budget at least you know it works out evenly between you both.

At Adrenaline, you can find experiences to fit a huge range of budgets. We have plenty of ideas for your budget, whether you're shopping for Christmas gifts under $200, under $150 or under $50. Whether you end up doing a beer-tasting tour or taking a helicopter ride over the city, he’ll appreciate that an experience for him to enjoy is a more thoughtful gift than just ‘stuff’. When you’re browsing the site you can sort by price and filter by location and category to help you find the right Christmas gift for your boyfriend. 

Where to buy unique Christmas gifts for a boyfriend?

Christmas is an opportunity to spoil your boyfriend with unique gift ideas, and what fits that brief better than a specially curated experience that he’ll remember forever? We have cool Christmas gifts for all kinds of guys, so you can get him something really thoughtful. What’s great about Christmas shopping at Adrenaline, is the flexibility of our gifts. You could get him a voucher for a specific experience, like a fishing tour or rally driving lesson, and he can book that in whenever suits him best. 

If he decides that he wants to do something different to what his Christmas gift card is for, he can actually just use the credit value on the voucher towards any experience he wants, and book it through the Adrenaline site. For experiences that are more expensive than the one specified on the gift card, all you have to do is pay the difference and you’re good to go. You could also get him an Adrenaline Christmas gift card or gift voucher for a dollar amount, and give him the opportunity to choose whichever experience excites him the most. So there’s no risk that he won’t love his Christmas gift.

Plus, if you’re looking for last-minute Christmas presents for your boyfriend or just trying to avoid the Christmas shopping rush, buying with us makes your life easy. You can use Afterpay, and instantly buy online, so thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend can be secured in a matter of moments. Make this Christmas special with our unique gift ideas for your boyfriend.