Defensive Driving Course Sandown

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Where is Sandown Raceway?
Sandown Raceway is 25km south east of Melbourne, making it ideally located for drivers based in the capital of Victoria, as well as other locations across the state.

The popular Level 1 Defensive Driving course is available at Sandown Raceway (around 25km south east of Melbourne) and Tabcorp Park Stadium (around 40km north west of the city). Sandown also offers the Level 2 course, as well as the option to complete both over two full days of training.

How long does a defensive driving course at Sandown Raceway take?
Defensive driving courses usually take the full day. For example, for the Level 1 course at Sandown Raceway you should expect to be kept busy between the hours of 8am and 4pm to allow for check in and a prompt start. Please check your booking confirmation, as exact times may vary slightly depending on the time of year and other factors.

How much does a defensive driving course cost?
All the latest course costs can be found on site. Booking is easy and all products are backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Which defensive driving course is the best?
All defensive driving courses on Adrenaline come from leading driver education providers. Whichever location or specific course you choose, you can expect highly experienced driving instructors. Those looking to brush up on their driving skills in Melbourne may find the best place to start is with a Level 1/Stage 1 course at Sandown. Once this is complete, drivers have the option of extending their learning with a Level 2 course at the track. This can be taken at a later date or, in some locations, you have the option of completing both parts of the course over a couple of days.

What’s included in defensive driving courses?
Through a combination of practical, on-road sessions and classroom-based theory drivers will cover everything from braking techniques and skid prevention to how to react in an emergency and stopping distances. Courses also feature discussions around personal security while driving, road rage, tyre condition and the 12 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving. As drivers use their own vehicle, it’s also a great opportunity to learn more about its features, as well as how to handle it most effectively in various situations. Tea and coffee is often supplied, but do check if you need to bring your own lunch or other food to eat during the day. Check our range for courses suitable for L-Platers, P-Platers, Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers. Take a look at the product descriptions before you book for full details on what’s included and course suitability.