Escape Rooms Adelaide

Escape Rooms Adelaide

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Best Escape Room Experiences Adelaide

An escape room experience is one of the top things to do in Adelaide. While it may not always be the first activity that comes to mind, Adelaide offers a fantastic range of themed escape rooms that will challenge you and your friends in the best way possible. Read on to find out everything you need to know before you get started. 

How many people do I need for an escape room in Adelaide? 

Lucky for you, regardless of the size of the group you’re with, escape rooms in Adelaide have an experience fit for you. In general, escape rooms can cater to teams ranging from two to four participants with children under 16 typically required to be accompanied by an adult.

How much do escape rooms in Adelaide cost?

Like any activity or experience, this varies depending on your location and the type of escape room you choose to do in Adelaide. Most of the time, an escape room in Adelaide will cost between $25 and $45 per person, making it an affordable activity if you’re going with a group. 

Is an escape room a good Adelaide date idea?

Instead of planning the same tired dates like dinner or a movie, why not add some adventure to your evening by surprising your partner with an Adelaide escape room experience? Working alongside each other to solve puzzles can strengthen your bond and provide you with a sense of collective achievement. An escape room would also make a great gift idea for someone you want to experience and enjoy it with.

What are the best escape rooms in Adelaide?

There is no shortage of escape room experiences in Adelaide that you can try. From more traditional escape rooms to entirely unique experiences, such as one that allows you to journey through the South Australia Museum while completing an exciting initiation test, there are options for every kind of player. Some escape rooms in Adelaide also allow you to choose two identical challenges and race your friends to see who comes out first.

While it may sound competitive, escape rooms in Adelaide are really just a bit of fun. With a range of escape room venues and experiences to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect challenge to keep you and your group entertained. Without letting it get too competitive, book your next escape room experience in Adelaide and who knows, you might even unlock your inner Sherlock!