Escape Rooms in Sydney

Escape Rooms in Sydney

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Best escape rooms in Sydney CBD

Looking to test your grey matter and have plenty of fun in the process? An escape room adventure is a great choice, combining logic, skill and a few laughs along the way. With Adrenaline, you’ll find some great escape rooms in Sydney, perfect for 2, 3 or 4 players.

A visit to the best escape rooms in Sydney makes for a great gift. If you’re not sure whether your gift recipient would prefer to tackle a standard escape room or its VR counterpart, opt for an Adrenaline gift voucher. Let them choose an activity that best suits their interests and skill level.

What are the most popular escape rooms in Sydney?

Escape rooms have quickly become one of the most exciting things to do in Sydney, challenging you to work with others to solve a series of riddles and puzzles. With so many great venues to choose from across the city, it can, however, be hard to know where to start. For a fun day out, be sure to check out the most popular escape rooms in Sydney.

If you’re looking to take on a classic escape room challenge, plan a visit to venues such as Escape Hunt, located in Sydney’s CBD, or Elude Escape Rooms in Galston. After entering a themed room, you’ll need to solve the clues on hand within a specified amount of time to ensure your success. Have fun examining unassuming decor, searching for hints and working with friends, family or workmates to crack the case.

VR escape rooms have become a popular option for anyone looking for an escape room adventure with a difference. You’ll find several places to strap on a headset and take on a VR escape room in Sydney, with Entermission Sydney and VR Kingdom being among the best known. Have fun exploring virtual worlds and solving puzzles with your team as you race against the clock.

What is the hardest escape room in Sydney?

Depending on your age and escape room experience, you may find some of Sydney’s escape rooms more challenging than others. What may be simple for some may be a true brain teaser for others. If you are up for a challenge, however, you’ll find that most escape room venues offer a variety of rooms to choose from, with each located at a different point on the difficulty scale. If it’s your first time taking on an escape room or you’re looking for fun indoor activities for kids, you might opt to try a room with a lower difficulty rating, while a more advanced room is best suited to those with some prior puzzle-solving experience.

How much do most escape rooms in Sydney cost?

Much like any other activity, the cost of entry to an escape room in Sydney will vary depending on the location, what’s included, and the type of escape room you’ll be completing. For a standard escape room adventure for two, prices start at around $90. If you’re looking to tackle a VR escape room in Sydney, you can find tickets starting from $44. Some escape room sessions will feature inclusions such as complimentary refreshments and a dress-up photo shoot, but this does vary between activity providers.