iFLY Indoor Skydiving, 2 Standard Flights - Penrith

  • iFLY Indoor Skydiving, 2 Standard Flights - Penrith

Experience the same adrenaline rush as freefall skydiving with safe and realistic Indoor Skydiving! Includes 2 flights for one person in the tunnel (each flight equivalent to a 14,000ft skydive).

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  • Description
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    Check out the amazing Indoor Skydiving video.

    • Enjoy 2 flights for 1 person in the wind tunnel
    • Each flight is equivalent to a 14,000ft skydive, approximately 50 seconds!
    • Hands-on personal assistance from your instructor

    Experience the ultimate thrill as you are hovering in the air, feeling what it would be like to free-fall out of an aeroplane! Powered by multiple fans located at the top of the flight chamber, the vertical wind tunnel produces a wall-to-wall airflow that is just like freefalling during a 14,000ft skydive. Professional instructors assist you in making the most of the airflow so you can truly experience the closest thing to human flight. You'll enjoy 2 standard length flights, around 50 seconds each, with your professional instructor by your side. An adrenaline rush for people of all ages!

    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 4.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • Minimum age 3
    • Participants under 18 must have parent or legal guardian present on the day
    • No particular level of fitness or experience is required
    • Flyers must be under 105kg if under 180cm, or under 115kg if over 180cm*
    • You should contact us to discuss your suitability to fly if you have prior shoulder dislocations or back or neck injuries
    • Flyers must not be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs
    • The experience provider advises women who are pregnant cannot fly

    *Flyers over our standard weight limit but under 135kg may fly provided an experienced instructor is available to take the flight. The experienced instructor must be requested at least 7 days prior to the flight date and will incur a $30 fee payable on the day. The iFLY High package or add-on is not available to those over our standard weight limit. 

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Wear comfortable clothing and lace-up runners (velcro will come undone)
    • Spectators welcome!

    What is Supplied

    • 2 x flights for 1 person in the tunnel (each flight equivalent to a 14,000ft skydive!)
    • Includes pre-flight training session
    • Includes flight suit, helmet and safety goggles
    • Hands-on personal assistance from your instructor
    • Includes souvenir flight certificate

    More Information

    What does it feel like?

    The sensation is rather like putting your hand out of a car window when it's moving! You will feel a cushion lifting you effortlessly until you are floating mid-air. The air flow won't affect your breathing. Expert instructors guide you into the wind tunnel, stand next to you and are in constant communication with you throughout your indoor skydive experience.

    What is a vertical wind tunnel? 

    It is a large horizontal glass tunnel with powerful electric fans at the top. When these operate, air is drawn up through the tunnel, creating a cushion of air that you can fly on, replicating the sensation of a skydive freefall. The amount of airflow in the flight chamber is precisely controlled by a skilled technician to ensure that it matches the experience level of those in the tunnel.

    Add the ultimate thrill onto your last flight with a HIGH FLY! For $15, your instructor will zoom you towards the top of the tunnel and back down...twice! Only available at: School Holidays, Public Holidays and Weekends -  10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:30, 18:30 and 20:30. Term Time (Mon-Fri) - 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:30, 20:00

    Cancellation Policy

    • Change your booking up to 48 hours before the start time of your experience
    • Changes are not permitted within 48 hours of your experience
    • Late arrivals or no shows may result in you forfeiting your experience

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