Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

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What is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving involves a vertical wind tunnel which propels you up into the air, allowing you to simulate the freefall sensation. Don’t worry, though–you’re never far from the ground! As a result, you can enjoy the sensation of individual freefall without the time and learning process of real skydiving from a plane. iFly World offers this unique experience to people throughout Australia, and it’s an amazing time for all the family to enjoy. Try indoor skydiving in Perth.

Is Indoor Skydiving Like the Real Thing?

Indoor skydiving feels very much like the real thing. The wall-to-wall airflow of a vertical wind tunnel elevates you, giving you the same sensation as the real thing. Plus, you’re kitted out in a full flight suit, just like you would be when jumping from a plane. However, unlike real skydiving, this activity isn’t weather dependent, and it doesn’t require extensive training. Experience the sensation of being weightlessly air-bound for an exhilarating activity that you’ll never forget!

Can Children Do Indoor Skydiving & Do I need previous experience?

Indoor skydiving is suitable for children aged three and up, with expert instruction that ensures they’re in safe hands in a child wind tunnel. As a result, these experience vouchers are perfect gifts for all the family. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your child or something to do during the school holidays, consider indoor skydiving. It’s also a fantastic experience for adults, no matter your age or fitness level. If you’re considering a real skydive, indoor wind tunnels make an ideal learn-to-fly introduction, too.

Where Can I Book an Indoor Skydiving Experience?

Book an adrenaline-charged package at indoor skydiving centres Autralia-wide. There are iFly World centres in Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Melbourne. High fliers at iFly Sydney or one of the other centres can book an Introductory Package (2 Flights) to receive full training, flight suit, goggles and helmet, and hands-on assistance from a personal instructor. Plus, you get two fun-filled flights in the wind tunnel. You’ll even get a souvenir flight certificate to prove you took the plunge. Friends and family can watch you in high-flying action from the all-glass viewing platform just metres away. Book your indoor skydiving experience with confidence at Adrenaline, and soar as you save with our great iFly price match guarantee.

Weight Limit for Indoor Skydiving?

Most indoor skydiving centres have weight and height restrictions. Indoor skydivers must weigh less than 105 kg if under 180 cm tall, and less than 115 kg if above 180 cm tall. These limits exist for precision and safety. Exceptions can be made for weights above the limits (but under 135kg), but only under the approval and guidance of a trained instructor at an indoor skydiving facility.