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Indoor Skydiving

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What is indoor skydiving?

The idea of indoor skydiving can be a confusing one if you’re completely new to the experience. So what exactly is it? In short, indoor skydiving allows people taking part to enjoy the sensation of freefall, without the time and learning process required to skydive from a plane.

It’s a great way to get a taster of what skydiving feels like before signing up for a tandem skydive, and is also a whole lot of fun in its own right for people who’ve no intention of jumping from a plane.

Is indoor skydiving like the real thing?

Indoor skydiving feels very much like the real thing. To achieve the feeling of freefall you enter a wind tunnel. The wall-to-wall airflow generated by powerful fans in the vertical tunnel elevates you and creates the same feeling you would receive if freefalling from up to 14,000 feet high. All in perfect comfort and safety. 

The feeling of being weightlessly air-bound in your customised flight chamber wind tunnel by a constant stream of generated air is an unusual, but exhilarating, one. All this, without the extensive training, waiting periods and weather dependency. 

Can children do indoor skydiving? Do I need previous experience?

Looking for exciting things to do as a family? Indoor skydiving is the answer. Children aged three and up can safely take part. With expert instruction they’ll be in safe hands and have an amazing time.

As mentioned, indoor skydiving is not only the perfect activity for most ages and fitness levels, but can also makes an ideal learn-to-fly introduction for stepping up to a tandem skydiving experience. 

High fliers will receive similar exhilaration levels in indoor skydiving activities, such as the Indoor Skydiving Sydney – iFLY Introductory Package (2 Flights).

Participants will receive full training, flight suit, goggles and helmet, hands-on assistance from your personal instructor and two fun-filled flights in the wind tunnel. They’ll also be awarded a souvenir flight certificate to prove they took the indoor plunge. Many people also walk away having developed a taste for more. 

Friends and family can watch you in high-flying action from the all-glass viewing platform, which is just metres away. 

Where can I book an indoor skydiving experience?

This adrenaline-charged package and other virtual reality experiences are offered at indoor skydiving centres Australia-wide. There are iFly indoor skydive centres in Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne. You can book your indoor skydiving experience at Adrenaline with confidence, and soar as you save with our great price match guarantee iFly prices.

Is there a weight limit for indoor skydiving?

There are weight limits and height restrictions at most indoor skydiving centres. Indoor skydivers must weigh less than 105kg if under 180cm tall and less than 115kg if above 180cm tall. These limits have been set to for precision, safety and exhilaration for the skydiver. 

Exceptions can be made for weights above the limits (but under 135kg), but only under the approval and guidance of a trained instructor. 

Is indoor skydiving safe?

Indoor skydiving is a perfectly safe and expertly controlled activity. The custom-built indoor skydiving centres are state of the art. They have been created as a training facility for military aerialists, so balance, comfort and endurance is assured in their aerodynamically engineered design.

The centres provide a fun-filled, high-flying and affordable experience for the ever-popular recreational sport of indoor skydiving.

Children as young as three years old can enjoy indoor skydiving activities. The exhilarating thrill of being buffeted by strong streams of constantly generated air makes for an exciting atmosphere for all group gatherings.