Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $50

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What are cheap but thoughtful gifts? 

Being generous doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Set your budget, stick to it, and look for gifts that are worth more than their cost value. There are plenty of cheap but thoughtful gift ideas for under $50 if you know where to look.  

The good news is, we have a huge range of exciting experiences for every budget right here at Adrenaline. Whether you want to find a specific adventure to give someone, or an Adrenaline gift card or voucher, you’ll find plenty of great gift ideas for under $50 when you do your Christmas shopping with us.   

An experience is more valuable than any ‘thing’ you could give someone. The enjoyment and memories you get out of an experience is what makes it so much more valuable than whatever the dollar amount actually is. For example, it might cost under $50 to go to the zoo, but a day spent exploring the wildlife sanctuaries and exhibits is priceless. So if you’re looking for inexpensive gifts that are in the under $50 range, you’re in the right place. Our range of experiences across Australia are opportunities to live life to the fullest and add some excitement into the everyday routine, so we are your one stop shop for thoughtful and affordable gift ideas 

To help you out, we’ve put together a gift guide of some of the most popular experiences you can buy for under $50 at Adrenaline.  

Cruises: Australia is blessed with some of the most beautiful waterways in the entire world, so whether you’re floating down a city river or exploring one of our famous coastal spots, a cruise is always a great experience. We have an amazing variety of cruises around Australia to suit an under $50 budget at Adrenaline, which makes a perfect present. 

Paintball: Embrace your inner action-movie hero with a game of paintball, and you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the combat and strategy. Why not enjoy a bit of healthy action and competition with your friends and have some fun on the paintball course? This is a great inexpensive present for friends, family, teens or adults.  

Tours: We have a huge range of tours that can take you to explore exciting activities and destinations around Australia. There’s something to suit everyone, and plenty of affordable tour options at Adrenaline. 

Flying Fox and Treetop Adventures: There are incredible treetop obstacle courses and playgrounds that include epic flying foxes in Australia’s bushland. It’s not too pricey and it’s a great gift idea - especially for any kids, teens or families you’re shopping for. 

Aquariums, Zoos and Wildlife Experiences: Australia is known for having incredible wildlife, and so it makes sense that we have such exciting aquariums, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries around the country. You’re never too old for an exciting day out and some up-close animal encounters. 

Attractions: There are all kinds of attractions around Australia, and you can find entry to everything from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel to the Gold Coast Aqua Park at Adrenaline. There’s something to suit everyone, and plenty to do in every city and state. 

That’s just skimming the surface of gift ideas from our under $50 options, so Adrenaline is the perfect place to find gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season. Plus, they could even use a $50 Adrenaline voucher of gift card to put towards a more expensive experience of their choosing, and your gift is what pushed them to indulge in the first place. 

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