Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne

Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne

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What is the best time to go hot air ballooning in Melbourne?

The best time of year to go hot air ballooning is in the summer months, December through to February when the weather patterns are usually more stable. That being said, you can book a hot air balloon ride year-round with flights operating so long as the weather permits. As for the time of day, all of our hot air balloon flights take off in the early morning when the weather again is more stable. This also makes for an awesome experience as you fly over the landscape as the sun rises. 

How do hot air balloons work?

You’ve heard the saying “heat rises”. Well, this is exactly the principle that is applied to hot air balloon flight. By heating the air inside the balloon with a specifically designed burner, the hot air balloon becomes lighter than the air outside. This is what causes the balloon to rise as if it were floating on water. When the air inside the balloon is allowed to cool gradually, the balloon descends slowly to the ground.

How much is a hot-air balloon ride in Melbourne?

Adrenaline offers a range of hot air balloon packages for sunrise flights over Melbourne and surrounding regions. The lowest cost balloon flight we have is our hot air balloon flight over Geelong with breakfast. Our hot air balloon flights over Melbourne CBD tend to be the most expensive Melbourne hot air balloon rides in our range. The price is definitely worth it with Melbourne being one of the few cities in the world, and the only one in Australia, that you can fly over in a hot air balloon.

Where can I get hot air balloon deals in Melbourne?

You’ve already found the best place. Adrenaline has the best hot air balloon deals for Melbourne. We also have a price match guarantee so if you find it cheaper elsewhere, we'll match it!

Where do hot air balloons take off from in Melbourne?

The meeting point for the Hot Air Balloon Melbourne CBD, City Flight, is at Sofi’s Lounge, on level 1 of the Sofitel Hotel, one hour before sunrise.

The departure point for the Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Hot Air Balloon experience is at the Yarra Valley Lodge, about an hour’s drive from the Melbourne CDB. The meeting time is half an hour before sunrise.

Where do hot air balloons land in Melbourne?

Hot air balloons in Melbourne and nearby Yarra Valley experiences descend on blissful rural landing zones, within close range of your departure points. Transfers to and from your landing sites are included in all hot air balloon Melbourne package deals offered online at Adrenaline.  

Check out epic hot air balloon packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.