Kayaking in Melbourne

Kayaking in Melbourne

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Kayaking Tours in Melbourne

There’s a kayaking adventure for everyone in Melbourne! Whether you want to explore the riverbanks of the Melbourne CBD or you’re looking for a more authentic ocean experience, you'll be sure to find the perfect kayaking route for you. There’s no better way to traverse the rivers, harbours and coastlines than by kayak. Plus, depending on the experience you’re looking for, your kayaking journey can be a serene and relaxing paddle down a smooth river or a thrilling adventure. Adrenaline has a kayaking experience you’ll never forget simply waiting for you!

Where can you go kayaking in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a versatile and beautiful region in Australia with plenty to keep travellers and locals alike busy. You can choose to stay cityside and kayak down the Yarra River or follow your adventurous spirit a little further afield and kayak the exquisite Mornington Peninsula with your eyes peeled for dolphins! Or, if you’re looking for a nice in-between, check out the kayaking options available through the beautiful Melbourne suburbs or take a day trip to St Kilda Beach for a coastal cruise. Depending on your level of thrill-seeking, you might also check out the whitewater kayaking options available across Melbourne. Or, if you’ve been looking for the perfect long weekend, look no further than kayaking camping trips! No matter what you’re looking for or where you want to go, Adrenaline has kayak experiences you’ll love.

How much does kayaking cost in Melbourne?

Kayaking in Melbourne comes at a range of different prices to suit every budget! Starting at just $80 for an awesome day out, all the way to $895 for those who want to take their kayaking to the next level and make a holiday out of it. These price ranges include tours, whitewater kayaking experiences, half or full-day kayaking experiences, as well as overnight or multi-night adventures!

What are the best kayaking tours in Melbourne?

There are a lot of wonderful kayaking experiences available in Melbourne. From the CBD to the coastline, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs, budget and plans! These are some of the best kayaking tours Melbourne has to offer:

Twilight Sea Kayak Tour

This incredible evening out on the water starts off in the city centre, cruising down the historic and beautiful Yarra River while you take in the sights. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the incredible features of Melbourne’s CBD, listen to the bustle of the city and paddle along to live music from the riverside venues. Watch the sun melt beneath the horizon as you prepare to take in the incredible Crown Casino fire display from the best seat in the house!

Sea Kayaking at Point Nepean Dolphin Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous Point Nepean National Park and enjoy a day full of adventure, education and incredible sea life. You’ll set off from Sorrento and enjoy a picturesque day of paddling around the local area while taking in the sights and looking for dolphins! Lunch is included in this day trip, and you’ll get to enjoy a drink and delicious food while you overlook the sea.

Goulburn River Kayak and Camping Trip

This two-day adventure will have you totally enamoured! Gear up for an exciting adventure, paddling along the Goulburn River to Yambuna Bridge. Your gear is included in this one, so you can just sit back and enjoy the trip. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, interesting wildlife and active nature of the trip. This is the perfect getaway for anybody looking for a break!