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Defensive Driving Course - FULL DAY P-PLATE & L-PLATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL, Sandown Raceway, Melbourne

Defensive Driving Course - FULL DAY P-PLATE & L-PLATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL, Sandown Raceway, Melbourne Defensive Driving Course - FULL DAY P-PLATE & L-PLATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL, Sandown Raceway, Melbourne Defensive Driving Course - FULL DAY P-PLATE & L-PLATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL, Sandown Raceway, Melbourne

Defensive driver training Melbourne. One day defensive driving course in Victoria suited to P-Platers, fleet training and nervous drivers.

Sandown Raceway (Melbourne)
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  • Description
    Defensive Driving Brisbane
    • Full Day Course 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM in your own car
    • Most experienced instructors in Melbourne
    • Targeted at P-Platers and L-Platers
    • Learner drivers are accepted provided they have a Licenced Driver with them at all times
    • Limited dates taking place during school holiday periods

    Throughout this Defensive Driver Course in Melbourne, young drivers are strongly encouraged to develop better on-road defensive driving skills and more solid techniques. Training in defensive driving is relevant, enjoyable, and will far improve the skills and ability levels of a L or P Plate driver. 

    The mix of practical and theoretical components of this advanced driver training session deliver actual on-road safety skills that underpin proactive driving.

    The practical driving component of our Fleet Safety and Defensive Driving Program is conducted on wet roads at suburban speeds. It includes a variety of on road exercises including emergency braking, swerving and multiple direction changes.

    Intensity: 2.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 2.0 Intensity
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    22 Jan 17  (Sunday)
    24 Jan 17  (Tuesday)
    27 Jan 17  (Friday)
    05 Feb 17  (Sunday)
    06 Feb 17  (Monday)
    11 Feb 17  (Saturday)
    14 Feb 17  (Tuesday)
    23 Feb 17  (Thursday)
    26 Feb 17  (Sunday)
    08 Mar 17  (Wednesday)
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    18 Apr 17  (Tuesday)
    24 Apr 17  (Monday)
    06 May 17  (Saturday)
  • Reviews
    46 Reviews
    4.6 out of 5

    Very informative and eye opening experience. My only qualm would be there was no written address on the information received, only longitude latitude coordinates which made the entrance difficult to find

    Steven A   4 out of 5

    Thus should be an essential training course for all L plate learners

    Bridie w   4 out of 5

    I purchased this for my son on his L's invaluable learning and I believe every driver would benefit by doing this course. Thanks and keep up the passion guys!

    Jennifer G   5 out of 5

    Had a great day, learnt a lot and feel more confident in my driving skills.

    Kayla D   5 out of 5

    Highly recommend this driving course. Should be mandatory for all those going for their full licence.

    Sylvia L   5 out of 5

    this course should be MANDATORY for all learner drivers BEFORE they get their Ps

    Leya   4 out of 5

    Would be very beneficial if this became part of the curriculum for all Learner drivers. Very beneficial.

    Liz M   4 out of 5

    Peter Barr was a fantastic, extremely knowledgable, passionate and enthusiastic instructor. As the parent of the L Plater undergoing the course, I was extremely impressed with the course and will highly recommend it to others.

    Luke   4 out of 5

    i enjoyed my time and learnt a lot I also had to use one of the things I learnt to day in traffic when it was wet at 80kph I had to get out of the way and if I didn't learnt what I had, I would of ended up in the back of another car I would like to say thank you to all the staff and thank for you for teaching me

    nicholas j   5 out of 5

    I had a fantastic time at this course, would highly recommend it to anybody.

    Llewellyn M   5 out of 5
    More Reviews
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • All participants must present their current driver's licence ('P' plate or above) in order to participate
    • Learner drivers are accepted provided they have a Licenced Driver with them at all times
    • No particular level of fitness or experience is required
    • Not suitable for pregnant women

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Your current L or P driver’s licence
    • Your vehicle with a full tank of fuel, optimal tyre pressures, water and oil levels
    • Wear comfortable casual clothing according to the weather
    • Wear footwear that has a thin sole eg. joggers
    • Bulky shoes, high heels or climbing boots are not optimal driving shoes
    • It is a good idea to bring along a hat, sunscreen and the Aerogard if it is hot, or an umbrella if it’s raining
    • Lunch & drinks
    • Do not bring family or friends as spectators are not permitted

    What is Supplied

    • Professional tuition from experienced instructors
    • Course equipment
    • Certificates for course graduates
    • Tea and coffee

    More Information

    Suitable to all drivers 16 to 80 years (P plate drivers a speciality) and suitable to most vehicles including four wheel drives and light commercial vehicles. Presented in a relaxed, friendly, and supportive environment by qualified, experienced instructors, with a balanced mixture of theory and practical driving exercises. We guarantee that regardless of your driving experience you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn, and what a great time you’ll have learning it with us.

    The aim of these exercises is to educate drivers in: 

    • Basic vehicle dynamics 
    • The correct systems of car control : seating, vision, and steering 
    • Correct braking techniques for both ABS and non-ABS vehicles 
    • Skid causation, basic skid control, and skid prevention 
    • Raising the drivers level of awareness in relation to speed, reaction times and stopping distances 
    • Learn how your vehicle reacts in emergency situations

    The classroom component of this course covers basic road safety concepts and the key principals of defensive driving including: 

    • Understanding of how a drivers attitudes, motivations, and risk taking behaviour can affect that drivers safety and the safety of other road users
    • The Twelve Golden Rules of Defensive Driving and how they can be applied every time a vehicle is driven.
    • The importance of correctly inflated tyres and the condition and type of tyres
    • Road laws and the introduction of any new laws 
    • Road Rage: what it is, why it happens, and how to avoid it 
    • Personal security whilst driving

    Fleet Safety and Defensive Driving Program key learning objectives:

    • Through practical driving exercises, become more ‘speed aware’, particularly in how the degree of vehicle control difficulty increases exponentially in relation to increases in vehicle speeds. 
    • Develop an understanding of basic vehicle dynamics, in emergency situations 
    • Learn to predict potential hazards, identify risky situations and minimise danger 
    • Understand the importance of keeping your vision high and maintaining sensible safety margins around your vehicle at all times 
    • Develop a positive and proactive attitude towards defensive driving

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