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Muscle Cars

If muscling in on the muscle car action is right up your alley, Adrenaline offers a bulked-up range of experiences for vintage, classic and collectible vehicles that pump up the muscle car driving power and volume.

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Brawn and bravado hit the road in muscle car experiences to rev your engine.  

Adrenaline offers an extensive range of packages that feature classic muscle cars and unique muscle cars in vintage, collectible and high-performance style. 

So flex your V8-powered muscle and get the show on the road with a muscle car driving experience that floors all others. 

The best-selling Classic Car Hire, Ford Mustang For A Day – Sydney package drives a winner for super charge, scenic splendour and the bottom line. 

This beast of a car, with five litres of V8 grunt, is yours for up to 200km of easy-handling power brakes and automatic transmission cruising along the coastal routes and highways of NSW. Attention seekers will thrill to the ogle-worthy experience of taking to the wheel of this classic catch. 

Or you could grab your mates, pool resources and hit the road in sporting style with the Ride In A Convertible ’67 Mustang, Up To 3 People, 1-Hour – Sydney experience, which is also offered online at Adrenaline.  

Your professional driver will expose the full capabilities of this vintage dream machine as you breeze through Bondi and the eastern suburbs, cruise the Harbour Bridge and take a spin to Manly and back. Your pick-up and drop-off point is within a 25km radius of the Sydney CBD.    

There’s also a range of Sydney-based classic Commodore muscle car joy ride packages and the option to drive or ride in a Camaro muscle car, plus free passenger, traversing the easy-on-the-eye routes along the breathtaking Newcastle Beaches.   

For Queensland residents and visitors, inveterate rev heads can choose the Classic Car Hire – Ride A Ford Mustang GT530 With Adrenaline experience. 

This one’s a vintage ripper and features taking control of a Black Mamba for the day as you transport three buddies to V8 nirvana in the ultimate muscle car cruising power of this fully customised machine. 

You also be flanked by spectacular Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast Hinterland scenery, which puts this special occasion gift experience into perspective.      

Gift givers can also provide rev heads with a taste of life in the fast lane with the despatch of an Adrenaline voucher. 

All gift vouchers are valid for three years and can be used to redeem muscle cars experiences and the 2500-plus activities and events offered Australia wide on land, water and in the air at Adrenaline. The vouchers can be ordered online, immediately sent via email or sent via post.    

What cars are considered muscle cars?

A muscle car is essentially a high-performance vehicle that was designed in the US during the 1960s for the motor sport of drag racing.

Muscle cars are special editions of mass-produced vehicles that have assumed vintage appeal for rev heads who revel in show power and V8-charge of these unique driving machines. 

If you think of Chevrolets, Ford Mustangs, Pontiac Firebirds, Plymouth Road Runners and pre-1980s Aussie-built muscle car classics, such as the Holden FJ, Holden Torana A9X, Holden HT Monaro, Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III, Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe, XC Cobras and other V8-charged show ponies, you’ll be attuned to the drift of the customised muscle-car driving experience.

What is the difference between a muscle car and sports car?

A sports car is typically built for speed and has a smaller engine size than its brawny muscle car cousin, whereas the latter has been custom-engineered and designed for the sheer power of muscling in on the drag-racing action and similar high-grunt show events. 

The sleek body of a sports car is the obvious superficial difference to the bulging appearance of muscle cars. Talking the torque is where muscle cars have the comeuppance against their sports car counterparts. The power of muscle car engines yields a much higher torque than sports cars, based purely on engine size. 

Speed and handling are where sports cars assert their edge. They are built to excel around corners and in their general ease of manoeuvrability. Muscle cars, on the other hand, have the grunt, power and charge to be an unrivalled force on the driving strip.   

Are muscle cars safe?

The beefy bodies of vintage and classic muscle cars make for a safer casing than many newer versions, despite their V8 force and on-road capabilities.

Like any finely tuned piece of equipment, when handled responsibly and with due reverence to the boundaries of the road rules and your dream machine, a muscle cars experience is not only safe, but also a bucket-list event for car fanatics who crave adrenaline-charged grunt and showmanship in one.  

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