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Skydiving is an incredible sport like nothing else you've ever experienced.
The Tandem Skydive
15,000 feet – Goulburn experience is one high-flying example.  This regional centre, less than an hour’s drive from the Canberra CBD, is the Southern Tablelands base for all sightseeing splendours.

A host of special deals for skydiving ACT are yours for the taking at Adrenaline. The Tandem Skydive 15,000 feet – Goulburn is not only one of the most memorable, but also one of the least costly sky-high experiences you could ever encounter.

You’ll absorb the spectacular surroundings as you plunge from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour for an insane up-to-60-second free fall in your tandem jump.  

As your qualified instructor pulls the chute, you’ll both float under canopy for five-to-seven minutes before coming in to land. You are guaranteed to remain on an unparalleled high for days or weeks to follow. You and your onlookers can immediately toast this milestone personal achievement at the on-site licensed bar on and also choose to purchase photos of your high-flying adventure. 

If you’re taking the plunge for the first time, the Tandem Skydive 15,000 feet – Goulburn makes for an amazing learn-to-skydive experience. But this captivating package is also a magnet for more seasoned tandem skydivers, who yearn to relive the wild rush of accelerated free fall and floating like a bird to their green-fields drop zone.

Adrenaline offers a range of gift vouchers online that can be used to purchase Tandem Skydive 15,000 feet – Goulburn and the 2500-plus land, water and air-level experiences throughout Australia.

Gift vouchers are valid for three years and even include a 14 days’ return policy. Vouchers can be emailed to the recipient or sent by post.

Can you skydive alone if it is your first time?

Going it alone is not only ill advised, but it is also not legally permitted for first-time skydivers. Amassing invaluable tandem skydiving experience is essential for skill and confidence levels in order to achieve your first solo jump. 

You will generally be required to complete around 25 tandem skydives from a minimum altitude of 3500 feet until given free rein for your first solo skydiving experience.  

What is the difference between tandem skydiving and skydiving?

The most glaring difference between an accelerated free fall jump, which is the quickest way to experiencing tandem skydiving, and a solo jump is the obvious one: instead of teaming up, you’ll be going solo. 

If you aspire to take skydiving to the top, Adrenaline can help raise the bar. Adrenaline offers accelerated free-fall skydiving courses that set you on the high road to becoming a licensed skydiver. 

Courses are offered by professional skydiving educators and take place throughout Australia. They encompass a nine-stage process, but fast learners will thrill to the knowledge that they’ll be landing their own parachute on the first stage.

Before you know it, solo skydiving aspirants will soon become worthy of operating their own Adrenaline-level tandem skydiving enterprises.  

How long does the whole skydiving process take?

The tandem skydiving process is an estimated 1.5 hours in total duration. This includes your registration, pre-skydive briefing, 20-minute scenic flight and the ultimate plunge below to your unmatched and equally safety-oriented skydiving experience.

Feel the rush of embracing new challenges and conquering inner fears with the Tandem Skydive 15,000 feet – Goulburn, available online at Adrenaline.