Surfing Queensland

Surfing Queensland

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Where to surf in Queensland?

You can conquer the waves at some of the very best surf spots in Queensland with our surf lessons. Choose from a number of awesome beaches, from Noosa Main Beach in Sunshine Coast to Coolangatta, Gold Coast and more.  

Take a look through the full range to find the best (or most convenient option) for your surfing needs. The good news is, whichever option you choose you’ll receive expert instruction from some of the country’s best surf instructors. If you’re starting out, how about going for one of the lessons offering a stand-up guarantee? These lessons can be tailor made for absolute beginners and a great way to build your confidence and have fun at some of the best surf beaches in Queensland.

When can you surf in Australia?

Australia’s east coast has some of the best surf beaches and breaks in the world. There are plenty of good surf beaches for beginners and pros in Queensland and New South Wales, as well as in Victoria and Western Australia too. 

If you’re open to a taking surf trips outside of Queensland, then take a look through our range to see all our options. 

Where is the safest place to surf?

If you’ve never surfed before, or are in the early stages learning to surf, some locations will be a safer option for you than others. If you’ve never surfed before, chances are you won’t know 

The best way to find your feet (quite literally) on the board is with some surf lessons. Not only will these show you the correct techniques to help you catch waves, but they’ll also know the best spots for beginners. The instructors will also be able to pass on essential safety information.  

How much are surfing lessons?

Surf lessons can cost as little as $50 for a single lesson, or as much as a few hundred dollars for packages. The cost of learning to surf does of course vary depending on location and what exactly is included. If you really want to maximise your learning, it can pay to book a multiple lesson package. We think the cost of a few surf lessons will prove more than worth your time, particularly if surfing becomes something a regular hobby. 

Is surfing easy to learn?

Watch a pro surfer at work and you could be forgiven for thinking “how hard can it be?”. Well, it definitely takes a lot of skill and time in the water to reach that standard, but everyone has to start somewhere! 

With a good surf instructor, there’s every chance of you making some pretty impressive progress in a short space of time. Catching and riding that first wave is a completely realistic goal. Some lessons even offer a stand-up guarantee! 

How to book surf experiences at Adrenaline?

Booking your Queensland surf lessons is easy at Adrenaline. Just browse our range to find the experience that suits you, then lock in your preferred time and date or buy as a voucher to give to someone else or use yourself at a later date. Our Lowest Price Guarantee means you can buy with confidence.