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Swimming With Dolphins

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Swimming With Dolphins Experiences At Adrenaline

We have several dolphin swimming experiences across Australia. If you fancy an eco-tour, try the 3-hour dolphin sanctuary experience in Adelaide. Explore a 10,000-year-old mangrove forest in your kayak to get up close and personal with both dolphins and shore birds. 

If you’re more interested in swimming with dolphins, head to Glenelg, South Australia, where you’ll get to spend 3.5 hours interacting with these beautiful creatures. You’ll get on board a 58-foot sailing catamaran at Adelaide’s Glenelg Marina in the morning and head out into the surrounding waterways for the entire afternoon. 

The Dolphin Deep Water Adventure in Sea World, is a one-of-a-kind experience. You can get extra close to every dolphin, each with a different personality. The Marine Mammal trainer will give you a guide while swimming with the dolphins, and a photographer will stand by to capture your most touching moments during the experience.

Where can you Swim with Dolphins in Australia?

Swimming with dolphins is possible in many parts of Australia. Some of the most popular spots include Monkey Mia in Western Australia, Tangalooma Bay in Queensland, and Port Stephens in New South Wales.

What is it like to Swim with Dolphins in the Wild?

Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat is an incredible experience that’ll leave lasting memories. You’ll have the opportunity to swim and play with these highly intelligent creatures. Connect with nature and get up close and personal with an Adrenaline experience.

Is Swimming with Dolphins Safe?

Swimming with dolphins is safe as long as you go through a reputable operator who follows the necessary safety procedures. Before your activity, you’ll be given a briefing where you’ll learn how to safely interact with dolphins. You should always listen to your guide and follow their instructions, as they are there to ensure both your safety and the dolphins. 

How Much Does it Cost to Go Dolphin Swimming?

Our swimming with dolphins experiences can vary, for example, from just $42, all the way to $4,400. Of course, the price you’ll pay entirely depends on how long you’re going for, where you’re going, and how close you’ll get to these beautiful creatures. Check out all our experiences and prices above.