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Dolphin Swimming

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Where can you Swim with Dolphins in Australia?

There are many places in Australia where you can swim with dolphins, but some of the most popular spots include Monkey Mia in Western Australia, Tangalooma Bay in Queensland and Port Stephens in New South Wales. Swimming with dolphins is a truly unforgettable experience, and one that is sure to create lasting memories.

What is it like to Swim with Dolphins in the Wild?

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is an incredible experience that is sure to create lasting memories. You’ll have the opportunity to swim and play with these friendly and intelligent creatures, and you’ll be amazed at their natural playfulness and curiosity. Swimming with dolphins is a great way to connect with nature and get up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Is Swimming with Dolphins safe?

Yes, swimming with dolphins is safe when done with a reputable operator who follows all the necessary safety procedures. You’ll be given a briefing before your swim, during which you’ll learn about how to safely interact with the dolphins. You should always listen to your guide and follow their instructions, as they are there to ensure your safety and the dolphins’ safety.