Shark Cage Diving

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Where can you cage dive with sharks?

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to see the magnificent Great White Shark in its natural habitat then you should head to Port Lincoln, South Australia where you can cage dive with them. 

People travel from around the world to do this bucket list adventure, so we’re truly lucky to have it ‘on our doorstep’ here in Australia. We admit, this is an experience that’s not for the faint hearted, but what it definitely is, is the experience of a lifetime for thrillseekers and shark lovers alike. Up for it? Then go ahead and book the White Shark Experience and make your way to Port Lincoln Marina. 

You can leave the decision of whether you get in the cage to the day itself. Of course, we’d encourage any adrenaline junkie to give it a go, but it’s an amazing trip even for those who avoid taking a dip. 

Of course, there are other ways to swim with sharks and you can even get in the water with some of the slightly less fearsome species without a cage barrier between you on experiences like the ocean dive with sharks, Sunshine Coast

For a more controlled shark dive experience, you might prefer to go for one of the options at locations like Sydney Aquarium, Melbourne Aquarium and Perth’s The Aquarium of Western Australia. These are easy to access and come with all equipment and expert instruction, plus there’s the added benefit of guaranteed sightings of a number of majestic creatures of the deep. 

Looking for a bucket list animal experience in Australia that’s equally stunning but a little less scary? How about a swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo, WA? These gentle giants are the biggest fish in the world and an incredible sight to see. You’ll be led to their location and spend time snorkelling alongside them. It’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget. 

How much does it cost to go shark cage diving?

The shark cage dive typically costs $175, payable on board if you decide to go ahead with it. These dives usually last around 45 minutes and are offered as an added extra to the Great White Shark Experience at the Neptune Islands, South Australia (usually priced around $350). 

As well as a thrilling journey, this is an educational one too and you’re likely to come away at the end of the day with a greatly increased understanding and appreciation for the magnificent, but often misunderstood, animals. 

How safe is shark cage diving?

Shark cage diving from Port Lincoln is very safe. The highly experienced operator puts safety first and handles happy customers safely all year long. 

Is shark cage diving ethical?

The White Shark Experience is the only burley free Eco-friendly Great White Shark Cage Diving Experience in Australia. Instead of using blood and fish, using audio sound vibrations to attract the sharks, with ACDC being the Great White's favourite music! It’s a completely eco friendly way of doing it. 

What is shark cage diving?

Shark cage diving is an incredible way to see sharks in their natural environment, with the reassurance of a barrier between you.

No scuba dive certification is required to shark dive in a cage. All dives take place near the surface using “hookah” (surface air supply). This means there’s no need for air tanks! You’ll be a maximum of four feet below the surface at all times and can return to the top whenever you choose. All training is supplied on the day. 

What to wear to shark cage diving?

If you’re planning to book your trip with us, just take along your swimmers and a towel, everything else is supplied. Naturally, you’ll be kitted out with all the equipment you need, from wetsuit to regulator. 

Where is the best place to go shark cage diving?

The only place you can go shark cage diving in Australia is The Neptune Islands. These four small Islands are approximately approximately 15-20 nautical miles offshore, and 35 and 40 nautical miles from Port Lincoln. 

There are various anchorage sites in this area, all giving great opportunities to see sharks in their natural habitat. The expert crew will select the best option based on factors such as wind conditions and the season.