Swim With Whale Sharks

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Where to swim with whale sharks in Australia?

You can go swimming with whale sharks off the coast of Western Australia. This once in a lifetime experience with these gentle giants takes place around beautiful World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef, which is accessed from Exmouth on Australia’s north-west coat. This is one of the longest fringing coral reefs on the planet and a fantastic place for swim tours in its own right. 

How to swim with whale sharks?

If you’re keen to try incredible experience of swimming with whale sharks (the biggest fish in the ocean), your best bet is to book on one of the tours available here at Adrenaline. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences allow you to snorkel alongside whale sharks and provide everything you need to make this a reality. 

Your day gives you the opportunity to see a range of other marine life at Ningaloo Reef, including stunning manta rays, turtles and dugongs. Spotter planes head out over the water to track down whale sharks and once they have located them, you’ll get on the boat with the expert crew and be led to the right spot in the water by the dive masters. There you can watch them swim past and enjoy this magnificent sight with your own eyes. 

Is it safe to swim with a whale shark? 

Whale sharks are huge, but they’re completely harmless and gentle creatures. Despite their huge size and mouths, whale sharks are filter feeders and mainly eat plankton, krill and other micro-organisms. They’re not at all interested in adding you to their menu! 

When you book with Adrenaline, you can rely on the whale shark tour being with a friendly, knowledgeable crew. You’ll head out on a tourism award winning, state-of-the-art vessel with a tour company that puts safety as a top priority. 

Can you touch a whale shark?

It’s illegal to touch a whale shark and rules are in place to make sure a distance of three metres (and four metres from the tail) is kept at all times. This is to avoid causing stress to the whale shark and for our safety as well as that of the animal. Getting any closer can stop its natural swimming behaviour and may cause the creatures to dive, giving us less time with them. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get a fantastic view of the shark, including its markings, and get a real sense of just how large it is. Once underwater you’ll soon see you can get very close!

When is the best time of the year to swim with whale sharks?

Swim with whale shark tours run daily from March to August. 

How much does swimming with whale sharks cost?

All the latest pricing and availability for swimming with whale sharks experiences are listed here on the Adrenaline site. The day can be made even more special will lunch, a glass of bubbly, certificate and souvenir photographs included. Other water-based activities, like kayaking and paddleboarding can also be included as part of these trips, so please check the product details for more information on what’s included. 

How to book swim with whale shark experiences at Adrenaline?

You can book swimming with whale sharks quickly and easily here at Adrenaline. Hit ‘Book Now’ to see all available time and dates, then complete your order to lock it in. Confirmation can be sent via email, so a potentially lifechanging experience can be lined up in a matter of moments! Not sure exactly when you’d like to go? Hoping to give a whale shark swim to someone else? Click ‘Give as a Gift Voucher’ and the time and date can be selected later.