Sydney Harbour Bridge Express Climb

Even if time is of the essence, you can still scale great heights.

Receive a taste of bridge-climbing excitement with Adrenaline’s Sydney Harbour Bridge sampler packages, available online.
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Taking far less than half the time of a regular climb and offered at reduced rates add up to double the fun of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a hurry.

With the Sampler Sydney Harbour Bridge climb comprising the irresistible flavour of a regular day-or-night bridge climb, without succumbing to summit-based vertigo fears, sightseers and thrill-seekers still gain the advantage of spectacular Sydney Harbour and city views.

Simply hop online at Adrenaline to find out more about the Sydney Harbour Bridge sampler and regular dawn-to-dusk bridge-climb deals.

What is the Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb?
The Sampler Sydney Harbour Bridge climb offered online at Adrenaline is ideal for those short of time or who would prefer not to scale the summit.

With your climb leader, you and your climb group commence your ascent to the halfway point of the inner arch on the Sydney Opera House side of the bridge.

How old to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Bridge climb participants must be aged a minimum 8 years old and maximum of 75 years old.

How much does the Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb cost?
The Sampler Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is priced from $174 per adult and $148 per child aged between 8 and 15 years old.

How long is the Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb takes a fraction of the time of a regular 3.5-hour bridge climb offered online at Adrenaline.

Bridge climb events are accessed via Cumberland Street in The Rocks. From here, you embark on your express climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and can also ascend the upper arch and staircase to the summit in a regular bridge-climb package.

Climbers make their way back across the bridge’s spine to the Darling Harbour side.

How difficult is the Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb?
A moderate level of fitness is required, even for the express climb. Anyone who suffers heart or respiratory conditions, seizures or is 24 weeks’ pregnant or more is ineligible for a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb package at Adrenaline.

Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb worth it?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge express climb offered at Adrenaline is perfect for participants who crave a taste of the spectacular views of the city, Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, even capturing the Blue Mountains, but don’t wish to challenge their height-based fears with a bridge climb to the summit.

You’ll experience spectacular views of world-famous Sydney Harbour, have use of a Bridge Suit, Bridge Fleece and headgear during your climb and also receive a group photo to commemorate your express adventure.
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