Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

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Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb worth it?

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a true bucket list experience for people around the globe. We think it’s fair to say the reviews of those who’ve climbed it before you are the best indication that it’s worth it. You’ll enjoy 360 panoramic views from the top that make this experience a real Sydney must-do. Follow in the footsteps of the many famous faces, locals and visitors from around the world who have climbed this iconic structure. Not only will you enjoy Sydney's best views, but you'll also walk away with a real sense of achievement. This is an adventure you'll be talking about for years to come. 

Where is Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge links the city’s CBD and the North Shore. As the name suggests, it straddles the stunning Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) and has done since opening back in 1932. The bridge is a key transport link between central Sydney and its northern suburbs for vehicles, rail, pedestrian and cycle traffic. Along with the nearby Sydney Opera House it’s one of Australia, and the world’s, most instantly recognisable structures. Don’t just pose for a photo with it in the background, climb it.

How much does a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb cost?

The cost of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb varies depending on the time of day you do it and other factors. The cheapest option is the Sampler Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which is a shorter experience that doesn’t go to the very top. Those wanting to go to the top should go for the full Bridge Climb experience. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb deals here at Adrenaline are backed by our lowest price guarantee, allowing you to book with confidence. 

When can I climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Night, daylight and twilight climbs of the bridge take place. The latest prices for the various options can always be found here at Adrenaline. Special bridge climbs are made available at various times of year, such as during Sydney Vivid and New Year’s Eve.

How many steps is the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?

When doing the Bridge Climb, climbers take on 1,332 stairs. Shorter Discovery Climbs are 1,002 stairs. This is a good work out, but is manageable for people who are generally fit and healthy.  

How long does it take to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Allow around 3.5 hours to complete the Bridge Climb. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your booking time to allow time for check in.

What do you wear to a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?

Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes (running shoes are ideal). A BridgeSuit, designed for this experience, will be supplied on the day and worn over the top of your clothing. Additional clothing, such as hats, rain jackets and pants, and fleeces can be supplied if necessary, based on the day’s weather conditions. Don’t forget your sunglasses/glasses, you’ll be given a lanyard to keep these secure.

Can I take photos on the Sydney Bridge Climb?

For safety reasons, no loose objects can be taken on the climb. A locker is made available to store your valuables, including cameras, phones and GoPros, while you’re climbing the bridge. A free group photo is included in the price of your booking. Your climb leader will take additional photos, which will be available to buy following your climb at an additional cost. 

Can children do the Sydney BridgeClimb?

Yes. Children aged eight and over are welcome to climb the Harbour Bridge with an adult. All children between eight and 15-years-old must have an adult with them (a maximum of three children per adult). All climbers must be at least 1.2-metres in height.

Is there a Sydney Bridge Climb age limit?

No. This experience is suitable for all ages and suitability to climb is based on general fitness, not age. However, those over the age of 75, need to speak with a medical practitioner ahead of completing the climb. A BridgeClimb Certificate of Fitness Form must be signed by the medical practitioner. 

Is there a weight limit to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?

There is no weight limit in place to climb the bridge. However, you will need a reasonable level of fitness, plus the ability to climb unsupported. Other restrictions include heart conditions, injuries to joints, back or limbs, vertigo or learning difficulties. These are due to the conditions of the climb, which involves stair climbing, ladders and catwalks, uneven surfaces and all-weather exposure.

Where can I get a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb ticket?

You can buy your Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb tickets right here at Adrenaline. Take a look through the options onsite to find the one that best suits you. Choose a time of day that suits you and book in instantly, or give as a gift voucher for flexibility and use at a later date.