Sydney Harbour Bridge Night Climb

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What can you see during a Sydney Harbour Bridge night climb?
You can view the 360-degree panorama of Sydney Harbour, with its world-famous Sydney Opera House, CBD and surrounding landscape illuminated to breathtaking effect with a Sydney Harbour Bridge night climb.

Latching on to the climb base below Bradfield Highway, you will traverse catwalks until you reach the southeast pylon. From here, you will ascend four ladders to the start of the upper arch, surrounded by the buzzing atmosphere of bridge traffic below. With the summit in view, you’ll continue along the bridge’s outer arch on the spectacular Opera House side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Following your summit celebration, captured in a group photo by your climb leader, you’ll cross the spine of the bridge to the Darling Harbour side before reluctantly making your descent back to the climb base.

How much is it to climb the Harbour Bridge?
A Sydney Harbour Bridge climb at night is priced from $268 per adult at Adrenaline.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb experience takes a total 3.5 hours and includes use of a custom-made BridgeClimb suit to wear over clothing, headgear and a Bridge Fleece to protect you from weather conditions.

When is the best time to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Whether it is day or night, climbers can experience the best views from Sydney Harbour Bridge wit Adrenaline.

Night-time is the right time to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge to take in the best vantage point for illuminated harbour sights with other night owls.

Can kids climb Sydney Harbour Bridge at night?
Upwardly mobile kids, aged eight years and above, can climb the bridge at night, when accompanied by a responsible adult.

Kids’ aged between eight and fifteen years old can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night, priced from $188 per child at Adrenaline.

How to book a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
Simply jump online at Adrenaline to book your Sydney Harbour Bridge night-time climb.

Sydney Harbour Bridge night reviews on Adrenaline’s night climb web page paint the picture of this luminous event: “Bridge climb was incredible. Got to see the sunset and city lit up during the night”, raved one rapt participant.

Choose the date and time estimate to suit you and your fellow bridge climbers; key in contact and personal details, and any promo code discounts, and you’ll soon be ascending the greatest heights of your life.

Day or night, the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is a sight for sore eyes. Your night climb time varies, based on the season, but one thing is certain: it’s bound to be the most exhilarating climb experience, for personal and panoramic value, that you could wish to encounter after dark.