Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour

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A crucial transport artery, the Sydney Harbour Bridge features a metropolitan rail system, six-lane highway that is crossed by hundreds of thousands of cars daily, walking and cycle ways.

How long is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is 1150 metres’ long. Walking across the bridge generally takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how often you stop to admire the views of Sydney Harbour.

How much is a Sydney Harbour Bridge tour?

The best views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge can be achieved with the BridgeClimb. There are a number of price options available, with the lowest priced (and fastest option) being the sampler climb. 

How many tourists visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge each year?

Millions of domestic and international tourists visit Sydney and its unmissable Sydney Harbour Bridge annually (around 16 million in total).

Of these, a vast percentage view, visit, walk or climb the bridge on a daily basis.

What is included in a Sydney Harbour Bridge tour?

Your Sydney Harbour Bridge walking tour includes spectacular views from the southeast pylon’s lookout. The panorama features the iconic Sydney Harbour Opera House, Circular Quay, the Sydney CBD and bayside suburbs.

Walking tours culminate at the pylon lookout, which is one of Sydney’s oldest tourist attractions. There are about 200 steps to ascend the lookout point and walking tours typically include an exhibition highlighting the bridge’s construction and history. The southeast pylon is accessed via Cumberland Street in The Rocks.

If you embark on a bridge climb with Adrenaline, you’ll also ascend the multiple steps and ladders to the summit, where, on a clear day, the views extend as far afield as the Blue Mountains to the west of the CBD. Your climb leader will capture the lifetime achievement and harbour-flanked panorama from the top in a memorable group photo.

Where is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a world-famous landmark that opened to historic fanfare in March 1932. Joining central Sydney with its northern suburbs and situated over spectacular Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson), the Sydney Harbour Bridge is nicknamed “the Coathanger”, due to its distinctive steel-arch structure.