Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

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Once you’ve mastered the walk across this landmark bridge, you can set your sights high with a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb deal, available at a range of times and prices online at Adrenaline.

Climb leaders will guide the way as you are latched on to the climb base and ascend the summit, via 1,332 steps and ladders. They will also capture the celebratory magic of your milestone achievement with a group photo to top them all.

Can you walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge?
You can and should walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge at least once and preferably often. The pedestrian walkway on the eastern side of the bridge offers some of the most spectacular views in Sydney.

Can you walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for free?
The walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is not only free, but also offers a priceless panorama.

You can take guided walks across Sydney Harbour Bridge that include fascinating facts about the bridge’s construction, historic Rocks region and also offer the opportunity for a group photo with the vantage point of a Sydney Harbour backdrop.

If you’ve got a sense of adventure, you may prefer to experience a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb tour which can be booked online with Adrenaline.

How long is the walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a total length of 1,149 metres and the Harbour Bridge walk time across the pedestrian walkway generally takes between 15 and 30 minutes. This, of course, depends on how often you stop to admire and capture the view in memory and photos.

How much is the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk?
Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is free of charge, but you can choose to access the Pylon Lookout from the southeast pylon and, for a small fee, you can walk to the top of the pylon to experience breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour, including the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and other famous Sydney landmarks.

For those who wish to walk up to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are in luck, as Adrenaline has a range of Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb tours at reasonable prices.

Where to start walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
There are two entry points for the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk. On the southern side, there are stairs from Cumberland Street in The Rocks.

To access the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk from the northern side, you can catch a ferry to Milsons Point. At Milsons Point Jetty, walk up the hill to the stairs that take you up onto the bridge and grant access to the walkway. You can also access the walkway from Milsons Point Railway station. If you’re approaching from the southern side, catch a train at Town Hall or Wynyard subway stations.