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Tank Rides

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Getting tanked takes on an altogether more riveting connotation with the concept of tank adventures.

Adrenaline puts the power of these 52-to-70-tonne beasts on wheels at your command in an extensive range of tank ride experiences, including tank course training, driver training of centurion and army tanks and joy rides of every type, make and model in truly tanked experiences.

The bone-crushing heft of these WWII-era tanks right up to modern-day vehicles are experienced from the smallest cockpit imaginable. But you’ll soon be feeling larger than life and in superhero tank-driving mode, traversing unsteady, rough and ready terrain on custom-designed courses. Expert training ensures that you will experience

the power, strength and invincibility of these mammoth military vehicles, which are motivated by the ground-swelling force of V12 Royce engines.

Do you need a licence to drive a tank?

You don’t need a licence to drive a larger-than-life tank in an Adrenaline activity. Tank drivers can start to feel the thrill of these high-powered commercial and military machines from a tender age. Passengers can also experience the gigantic power of a tank riding activity from an even younger viewpoint.

The expert safety and tuition that accompanies all of the tank driving or riding experiences at Adrenaline ensure that your protection is as paramount as the dense metal casing shielding these enormous machines and their operator from undue damage or harm.

How much does it cost to drive a tank?

The Drive A Bulldozer, Skid Steer Or Excavator, 45 Minutes – Gold Coast experience is priced from just $100 per person. This unique event includes a 10-minute safety briefing before experiencing the power-hungry thrill of handling truly heavy machinery. Drivers will also learn how to safely operate bulldozers, excavators and more. The young and young at heart can experiment with their scoop action in digging trenches and building castles in the air from tonnes of dirt surrounding the site at Yatala, in the outer-northern Gold Coast,

Also at this custom-built site, Adrenaline offers the fun-filled Dump Truck Driving Experience, 45 Minutes – Gold Coast from $150 per person.

You’ll become familiar with the hydraulic system that raises the tray of this 70-tonne dump truck and will soon be dishing the dirt with the most exhilarating results.

How old do you have to be to drive a tank? Tank drivers with a yen to experience the supreme power of controlling these high-powered, dinosaur-sized beasts can start as young as 12 years old. If you’re in the passenger seat, you can be initiated into a tank riding exercise from as young as five years old.

Drivers and riders are instructed to wear long pants and enclosed footwear. They should also feel free to bring their camera to memorialise this ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ moon-landing type moment. Bragging rights are an imperative rite of passage in the schoolyard, office environment or among all your family and friends, having conquered these 52-to70-tonne military machines.