Things to do in Kings Canyon

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Why visit Kings Canyon

The outback’s Kings Canyon may not be as famous as Uluru, but it’s just as incredible a sight to see - if not even better. Rising a stunning 270 metres above sea level and over 100 metres above the dense forest below, the Kings Canyon cliff faces will take your breath away. 

No trip to Australia’s Red Centre is complete without seeing Kings Canyon. This epic rock formation is 440 million years in the making and it’s not only a natural wonder, but also an area of great significance to Aboriginal culture and community. It’s an amazing and quintessentially Australian sight that you need to tick off your bucket list. 

The canyon sits within Watarrka National Park, which is a significant conservation area covering 71,000 hectares and home to over 600 species of flora and fauna. So keep your eyes peeled for native Australian animals while you’re there. 

Kings Canyon’s soaring sandstone cliffs shelter Kings Creek and an area of dense forests from the surrounding desert conditions, creating a completely unique landscape that you can explore on foot and see from the sky by helicopter. We have an amazing range of Kings Canyon helicopter flights here at Adrenaline and the views that stretch out across the desert are unbeatable.

However you decide to explore Kings Canyon, you won’t regret visiting this iconic Australian landmark. Put it on your Aussie outback itinerary along with Alice Springs and Uluru so that you can experience the best of what the Red Centre has to offer. 

Where is Kings Canyon?

Kings Canyon is in the southwestern corner of the Northern Territory, within Watarrka National Park. It’s in close proximity to both iconic Central Australian tourist destinations Uluru and Alice Springs, so it should definitely be on your to-do list while you’re there.

Uluru to Kings Canyon is only about a three and a half hours drive, and Alice Springs to Kings Canyon is around the same. So it literally sits halfway between the two and right at the heart of the Red Centre. Driving is the easiest option as all the major roads between them are sealed, though there are alternative routes that require a four-wheel drive.  

By nature of being located in the centre of Australia, Kings Canyon has hot, arid conditions throughout the year. It is in a desert after all and the heat is part of experiencing the true Australian outback. That being said, you may want to pick the best time of year to visit central Australia according to the climate. Tourism to Kings Canyon, Alice Springs and Uluru peaks during the mild winter season from May to September, so take that into consideration when planning. 

Kings Canyon Helicopter Flights

If you’re visiting Kings Canyon, the most spectacular view is from above. A scenic helicopter flight over the canyon and the Australian outback is an incredible bucket list experience, and you can find all the best helicopter experiences right here at Adrenaline. 

We have exciting adventures, tours and activities across Australia to suit every kind of person. So definitely have a browse of our range of experiences at Adrenaline if you’re visiting Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, and Uluru.

The most exciting way to experience Kings Canyon is from the air, so check out our scenic helicopter flights and book in your next adventure. Feel the thrill of taking off and soaring over the expansive desert landscape of Watarrka National Park and the cavernous cliffs of Kings Canyon, the domes of the Lost City and the Garden of Eden. You’ll fly back along Kings Creek and over to Carmichael Crag before heading back to Kings Canyon Resort.

If you’re keen to see even more of the stunning outback landscape, we also have an extended helicopter flight that takes you over Kings Canyon and all the way out to the George Gill Range. Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping flight over Kings Canyon, Watarrka Lookout and Kings Creek before flying along the stunning cliffs of the George Gill Range to Carmichael Crag. 

Flying in a helicopter is an experience you need to tick off your bucket list, and there is no place more unique and spectacular to do that than Australia’s Red Centre. 

Kings Canyon Walks

When you’re not seeing Kings Canyon from the window of a helicopter, you should definitely explore on foot. There are a bunch of different walks and hikes for different levels of adventurers, though the most iconic is the Kings Canyon Rim Walk

The Rim Walk is a six-kilometre circuit around the rim of the canyon that boasts incredible views over the cliffs and desert beyond. It’s about 3-4 hours and it takes you past major sights like the Garden of Eden - a rockhole where rare plants flourish - and the domes of The Lost City. From the top you’ll have panoramic views over the red sand dunes. There are quite a lot of stairs at the beginning of the walk, but if you can hack it the view is worth it!

There are other options like the Kings Creek Walk, Kathleen Springs Walk, and the Giles Track, to try, plus plenty of walks and tours around Watarrka National Park. 

Best things to do in Australia’s Outback 

Australia’s Red Centre is an absolute must-see destination for Aussies and tourists alike. There is no landscape like the natural wonders and unique formations you’ll see there. To make the most of a trip to the outback, you’ll find the best experiences right here at Adrenaline. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Uluru, we have a great range of hand-picked experiences that will make your visit unforgettable. Take things to the next level with an Uluru hot air balloon flight, a scenic helicopter flight, or even a skydive over the world-famous Australian icon. 

Or if you prefer to stay on the ground you could enjoy a camel tour, a Segway tour, or a Harley Davidson tour around Uluru. This is the perfect opportunity to experience something spectacular. 

There’s also amazing things to do in Alice Springs that you can find and book in here at Adrenaline. Embrace the adrenaline rush of flying with a scenic helicopter flight that takes you across the desert and around Uluru, or go soaring over the rugged MacDonnell Ranges and expansive outback in a sunrise Alice Springs hot air balloon ride. 

Between Kings Canyon, Uluru and Alice Springs, these Australian destinations are the kind of places that deserve an extra-special adventure. So what are you waiting for?