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Things to do in Sydney

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Sure, you can go to the Sydney Opera House – culture, sophistication and, well, pretty much everyone else who had the same idea. If you’re up for a more daring adventure, there are plenty of things to do in Sydney that will let you experience fun on a whole new level.

If you want to go where few dare to go, do things you never thought possible, talk to us. Don’t just see Sydney, live it like you never have before. Experience adventure and excitement that will take you far and away from your everyday routine.

Soar and dash above crashing waves in a thrilling Seaplane experience. Yell in excitement and have stories to tell as you hang on for dear life in one of our powerful, roaring Jet Boat Rides. If you’re not afraid of getting a bit damp, then don a life jacket and prepare for a roller coaster ride amongst the world class waves in one of our white water rafting adventures.

The sky isn’t meant just to be looked at and admired. At Adrenaline, we believe it’s meant to be defied, experienced completely and flown through. Our Aerobatics experience will show you just what a plane is capable of; the spins, twists and dives that will have you yelling for more. If you want to really feel the rush of air on your face, we offer incredible Skydiving and Skywalking experiences that will ensure that you never look up at the sky in quite the same way again.

Prepare to feel the road, the dirt, the predictable ground in a way you would never have imagined. Brace yourself to take on the dirt in our monster rally cars, fly around a race track in a world class Porsche or defy the ground in a super powerful V8 Supercar.

Looking for Things To Do In Sydney? We’ve got plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

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