V8 Hot Laps Perth

V8 Hot Laps Perth

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What should you expect doing v8 hot laps in Perth for the first time?

Get ready for a great time and feel the excitement! Barbagallo Raceway has the most powerful 450hp V8 cars you can drive in Australia. These cars handle like the real thing and have racing gearboxes, Bilstein suspension, racing slicks and 6-pot brakes. And, you never know, you could discover a hidden talent and be the next Craig Lowndes in waiting… even if just for one day.

V8 experience days start with registration. Take along your Adrenaline booking confirmation and driving licence to make sure you get up and running smoothly on arrival. Once complete, your instructor/professional racing driver will run through some essential pre-drive tuition, including overtaking procedure (your time on track isn’t a race, but this is all part of the fun!), apexes and braking points.

During this chat you’ll be able to ask any questions you have ahead of your V8 experience and be briefed on safety procedure. Once complete, it’s time to get your racing overalls and helmet on, then head to the pit lane and get strapped in to the car. You’ll look like a pro, now it’s time to find out if you can drive like one.

If you’ve chosen a V8 drive your instructor will coach you via the intercom as you make you way around the track. Their helpful tips and advice will make sure you stay safe and have fun going as fast as possible during your laps.

It’s hard to put in to words what you’ll experience as you hit the accelerator, but you’re sure to be completely blown away by the sound of the engine, the speed and the unbelievable control.

If you’ve chosen V8 hot laps too you’ll find out that, no matter how good your laps were, a professional driver showing you what this car is really capable is an amazing feeling. You’ll ride front seat for this unforgettable series of laps, giving you an awesome view of every twist and turn of the track.

You’re welcome to bring friends and family along to watch you. Light meals are available to buy at the canteen and there’s free tea and coffee to enjoy too.

Where to buy V8 hot laps Perth gift vouchers?

Adrenaline gift vouchers are a great choice. If you’re looking to buy V8 drive or hot laps experiences for someone but are struggling to pick an option, give them the choice with a gift voucher. You can pick one of the value of your choice, either by choosing one of the values on sale on site or specifying an exact amount if you prefer.

This allows the recipient to choose a date, time and experience that suits them. They can even pay any extra on top if the experience they choose is a higher price than the voucher value. These are valid for three years.  

What to wear on a V8 hot lap experience?

You don’t need to buy or bring any specialist clothing or equipment along to your V8 experience in Perth. Helmet and overalls are supplied, so just wear comfortable full-length trousers and flat-soled shoes.

If you need to wear glasses while driving, the experience provider recommends they are soft-framed close fitting. No security lockers are available at the raceways, so please leave valuables at home. 

Why choose Adrenaline when booking a V8 hot laps Perth experience?

Adrenaline has a number of V8 drive and hot laps experiences to choose from, not only in Perth and Western Australia, but around Australia too. Take a look through the range for yourself, you’re sure to find something to suit.

We’re experienced in offering the very best activities and things to do, with happy customers taking V8 experiences around the county every day.

To help you Live Life Large and enjoy activities at the lowest prices, our team is always looking to bring you the best deals from experience providers. We’re always keeping a close eye on competitors’ pricing, to make sure we’re bring you great value.

To back up this commitment, we offer a Price Beat Guarantee. This means if you find a lower price (on the same experience, at the same time etc) we’ll match it AND beat it by 5%. Book with confidence today.