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Christmas Gift Vouchers

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Christmas voucher ideas

Are gift cards a good Christmas gift?

Every time Christmas rolls around you face the overwhelming task of finding the perfect gifts for your friends, family and loved ones, and almost every year it’s a scramble. Trying to guess exactly what someone wants for Christmas, or wants at all, can feel like a losing game. Which is why gift vouchers actually make perfect gift ideas and make your Christmas shopping a complete breeze.

With an Adrenaline gift voucher you’re giving someone the gift of choice, the freedom to get what they really want, and the opportunity to buy something exciting that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. People are tired of receiving ‘stuff’ for Christmas that ends up being totally useless clutter. Giving him or her a gift voucher for an experience is like giving them life. It’s a piece of time when they get to experience the fun and vitality that life has to offer, and that’s worth more than any ‘thing’.

So, if you’re wondering whether gift cards are a good Christmas gift, the answer is absolutely. But not all gift vouchers are created equally. 

What are the best gift cards to give for Christmas?

Like we said, most ideas you find on other Christmas gift lists are just adding to a pile of ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ that people already have. The best kind of gift cards to give for Christmas are those that give someone access to experiences. If you give a generic gift voucher or cash, people will often spend the gift value on sensible things out of financial duty. That means your Christmas present disappears into the mundanity of everyday life.

So pull someone out of that routine with an Adrenaline gift voucher, giving them the opportunity to experience something that injects excitement into their lives. It’s the perfect Christmas present, as they’ll be able to shop from a great range of experiences all over Australia and choose what excites them the most. From hot air ballooning to skydiving, jet boating, horse riding, bridge climbing, helicopter flying and countless other experiences, there’s something for everyone on Adrenaline. Whoever you’re Christmas shopping for, a gift voucher for an Adrenaline experience is a winner. 

What can I get with a Christmas gift voucher?

The great thing about gift cards is that it gives the power of choice as part of the present. They get to spend it on what they want most, so your Christmas gift is guaranteed to be a hit. With an Adrenaline gift voucher you are giving someone access to the hundreds and hundreds of experiences that we have available across Australia. Whether they’re into extreme sports, holiday family activities, or more low-key adventures, they’ll find something they love on Adrenaline.

Some of the most popular things you’ll find on Adrenaline are sky high adventures like hot air ballooning trips over beautiful landscapes like Hunter Valley and Yarra Valley, tandem skydiving from extreme heights, scenic helicopter rides that cover all the best bits of Australia, flying in real jet fighter planes, and plenty more to get your blood pumping.

For anyone into water sports, jet skiing adventures, cruises, kayaking, and whale watching are just the start. For on-land adventures there is everything from bridge climbs to horse riding, and there are enough V8 and racetrack experiences to make any car enthusiast happy.

Literally, there are experiences on Adrenaline to suit everyone and anyone, so your Christmas gift voucher is sure to be a success. Give someone the gift of an experience and make your Christmas gift memorable this year.

What Christmas gift cards will my family love?

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy, Adrenaline’s gift cards can give you access to a whole world of family fun activities. Of all the Christmas gift ideas, giving your family an opportunity to make memories together and just have fun, is pretty unbeatable.

Adrenaline has a great range of family friendly experiences and holiday activities to choose from, but your best bet is to make that choice as a whole family. That means that a gift voucher is the way to go, so you can choose an experience together that everyone is excited for.

You could end up spending the family Christmas gift voucher on a day out at Australia’s best theme parks, a trip to the zoo, whale watching, hot air ballooning, or any of the countless family activities that you can find on Adrenaline. 

Can I give my staff gift vouchers for Christmas?

Gift vouchers are unquestionably the best thing you can get your staff for Christmas. It’s non-controversial, non-gendered, and non-wasteful, because they’ll get to choose something they really want with the voucher. A gift card for an Adrenaline experience is the perfect office Christmas gift, because it signals that you value them and their lives outside of a work context.

Giving staff a voucher to buy ‘stuff’ is a little bit too close to what they already get from your business relationship - income. A voucher for an experience says you want them to enjoy their time off work, enjoy an adventure, and just enjoy themselves. Adrenaline’s great range of experiences ensures that there is something for everyone, so your Christmas gift will be an office hit.

How do I go Christmas shopping for gift cards?

One of the other benefits of gift vouchers is that they are just so easy to get. You can turn Christmas shopping from a nightmare into a dream if you just go online to the gift card shop and pick up what you need there. Adrenaline has a great range of gift cards to suit your basic price amounts, or you can even custom make your gift card to have however much money you choose on it. So you can give someone an excuse to treat themselves to something exciting without breaking the bank.

The Adrenaline gift card shop is super flexible so you can even buy your gifts online on Christmas morning, and you’ll still have winners under the tree. It’s the perfect gift for last minute shoppers, and anyone who finds Christmas shopping in the mad December rushes too overwhelming. Just go online to Adrenaline and mere moments later you’ll be fully stocked with the perfect Christmas gift for her, him, the whole family, the entire office, or anyone at all. Adrenaline gift cards are your one stop shop for all the Christmas gift ideas you need.