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What is an Adrenaline voucher?


Adrenaline is home to all the most exciting experiences in Australia for thrill-seekers and adventurers. There are experiences to suit every budget, location and level of intensity, so there’s something for everyone. With an Adrenaline gift voucher, you can give someone the gift of a life experience that they’ll never forget, and what’s more valuable than that?


Adrenaline gift vouchers can either be for specific experiences like skydiving, or Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, or for dollar amounts to be spent on any experience on the Adrenaline site. We have a huge range of experiences available online that are perfect gift ideas for Mum, Dad, family members, friends or anyone you’re gift shopping for. So everyone is sure to find something they love.


As a bonus, Adrenaline vouchers are fully flexible. So if you give someone a skydiving voucher, but they decide they want to go jet boating instead (for example), they can use the value of the gift voucher towards any experience online. If their new choice costs more than the gift voucher credit, they can pay the difference at check out using a credit card or AfterPay. The experience voucher exchange opportunity means that you can guarantee that your gift voucher will go towards something that person really wants to do. It’s a no-risk gift, perfect for any special occasion.


Plus you can grab an Adrenaline gift voucher online and give an E gift card for Australia’s most exciting experiences. You can even use Afterpay and purchase last minute to secure the perfect gift any time.


How long does an Adrenaline voucher last?


An Adrenaline gift voucher is designed to be super flexible, so that you have maximum time to make an experience work for you. The value of your gift voucher can be used towards any Adrenaline experience for up to years, so there’s plenty of time to make it work before it expires. 

If the gift voucher is for a specific experience, you have 18 months to guarantee that the cost of that experience is covered by your voucher. If the price increases after 18 months, you can either opt to pay the difference or use your gift voucher credit towards booking a different experience on the Adrenaline site. The flexibility makes an Adrenaline voucher an ideal and unique gift, that can be adapted to best suit the person receiving it. 


What are the best gift vouchers for Mum and Dad?


Getting Mum or Dad a gift voucher for a shop or a mall or anywhere that they’re just going to get ‘stuff’ feels like a bit of a cop out. If you give them a gift voucher for an experience, you’re giving them an opportunity to make great memories, do something out of the ordinary and just enjoy themselves. And that’s more valuable than any ‘stuff’.


If you’re looking for gifts for Dad, or gifts for Mum, an Adrenaline gift voucher gives them access to the hundreds and hundreds of choices in the huge range of Adrenaline experiences. They can browse Australia’s most exciting adventures and activities, and book to suit their preferences, so your gift is guaranteed to be a success.


Are gift vouchers a good present to give?


If you’re giving an Adrenaline gift voucher, you can feel good about the fact that you’re giving someone access to some of the most exciting experiences in Australia. It’s a unique, thoughtful and valuable gift to give, not to mention convenient and affordable (especially given the discounts and promo codes you’ll find on Adrenaline).


Some popular gift ideas your Adrenaline gift voucher could go towards might be:


  • An unforgettable hot air ballooning ride over some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. Hot air ballooning over the Barossa Valley is the perfect unique gift idea for anyone in Adelaide.
  • Skydiving is a bucket list experience that Mum or Dad might want to tick off.
  • There are a huge number of Rottnest Island experiences that make great Birthday gift ideas for Perth dwellers.
  • All over Australia there are helicopter rides both short and lengthy to satisfy any keen flyers.
  • Cruises are always a winner and they can see the beautiful rivers or coastal landscapes of Australia.


There are countless experiences on Adrenaline to choose from, with more and more being added all the time. Plus there are promo codes popping all the time to make those experiences more affordable. So browse the site, look out for promo codes, and know that your Adrenaline gift voucher is the ultimate gift for Mum, Dad, or anyone at all.