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Learn to Water Ski - Sydney

Your water ski experience starts with a breakdown of the basics. There’s not much to it, really. Water skiing is all about assuming the right posture. Bend your knees and ankles while keeping your arms almost straight. Head up; always look forward. Keep most of your weight on the balls of your feet. You’ll probably wobble around for the first few tries; it’s like learning how to ride a bike. But the moment your body “gets it,” you’ll suddenly realize just how easy water skiing is.

Now that you’re skiing, you can start crossing the boat wakes. Bend your knees a little more and direct your body left or right. As you ski over the choppy water use your knees as shock absorbers. Sure, you may wipe out—but that’s half the fun!

Ever More Water Sports – Wakeboarding, Wake Skating, Knee Boarding

This magical river plays host to a slew of thrilling aquatic activities. Next to water skiing, wakeboarding is probably the most popular experience on these waters. If you’ve yet to try the sport, consider a top-notch private wakeboarding lesson that’ll have you performing crazy maneuvers in no time!

There’s also wakeskating, which is a variation of waterboarding where your feet aren’t bound to the board. Essentially, it’s wakeboarding but with kickflips and other exciting skate-park moves!

Or, if you want to have all the excitement of water skiing but with an easier learning curve, go kneeboarding! A lower centre of gravity means better balance and bigger opportunities for air time!

The Best Water Ski Hires

Of course, you may not need a water ski lesson at all. If that’s the case, simply opt for a water ski hire or a wakeboard hire or a knee board hire or any other adrenaline-inducing sport on the Hawkesbury River. The weekend’s almost upon us—book your adventure now!

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