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Learn to Windsurf – Brisbane Windsurfing Lesson

This best-selling windsurfing experience brings you to Shorncliffe. Windsurfing here is a real treat—the waters are uncrowded and the winds are just right! You’ll meet up with your personal instructor, an ace watersports expert from an accredited windsurfing school, and head out to the sandy shoreline to get started.

First thing’s first: get to know the gear. You’ll mount the sail yourself to a wide board, specifically designed for first-time adventurers. Anticipation kicks in. The water calls to you. It’s time to learn how to get your windsurfing board onto the waves. Practice mounting and launching. After a few gos, you’ll get the hang of it and be ready to set off!

The navigation principals are the same as sailing. Understand your no-go zone and learn how to maneuver in a zig-zagging motion to keep the wind at your sail. As you practice the windsurfing basics, the voice of your instructor will beam in via a radio helmet. They’ll offer pointers as you move low, catch a gust and start planing!

Advanced Windsurfing – Learn to Windsurf Like a Pro!

Of course, you may want to opt for something a little more technical. If you’ve been on a windsurf before and want to level up, these windsurfing lessons can certainly accommodate. Guided by seasoned instructors, you’ll explore advanced techniques like forward loops. You determine where the windsurfing lesson takes you so if you want to be bold, these windsurfing pros won’t shy away from showing you tough stuff!  

Go Kitesurfing!

Another great way to ride the waves is kiteboarding! There’s some overlap between windsurfing and it, so we’ve included a stellar kitesurfing experience in the Sunshine Coast! Again, you’ll be instructed by only the best of the best. During the 2-hour lesson, you’ll learn how to control your kite bar to conquer the winds and perform carves, turns, popping and maybe even frontside 180s!

Catch a Gust Today

Whether you choose a windsurfing lesson or kitesurfing lesson, these brilliant classes are likely to turn you on to a lifelong passion. Got your swimsuit and sunscreen handy? Great—let’s get out there!