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Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

As a manager, it’s your job to ensure your employees feel valued. If you want to test your team’s limits and encourage them to hone in on new skills, a spontaneous adventure gift is the way to go! Gifting an adventure will motivate your employees to step outside of their comfort zone, which is a skill they can bring back into the office. At Adrenaline, we have an adventure for every skill level from across Australia. 


Top Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Corporate Gifts Kayaking

Kayaking Tours

There's no better way to tour rivers, harbours, and coastlines than by kayak. Give a kayaking tour as a corporate gift and let your employees get up close and personal with wildlife while they capture amazing photos of their surroundings 


Corporate Gifts Horse Riding

Horse Riding Adventure

For an adventure that will get your team and clients exploring new landscapes, gift a horse-riding adventure as a corporate gift. From trotting through the striking scenery of the Blue Mountains to exploring hidden beaches and spotting wildlife, there is so much to discover. 


Corporate Gifts Cruise

Scenic and Sightseeing Cruises

Let your employees explore new horizons and locations on a scenic cruise. We have cruises to suit any occasion, from day and sunset cruises to whale watching adventures where your team can spot wildlife and get up close to the ocean’s gentle giants.  


Corporate Gifting Hiking

Hiking and Bushwalking

Head off the beaten track with our hiking and bushwalking tours. Your staff and clients will enjoy stunning scenery, from lush national parks to rugged coastlines. We have walks designed for all fitness levels, in many locations across Australia. 


Corporate Gifting Jet Ski

Jet Ski Adventure

A great corporate gift idea is a jet ski adventure. Let your staff or clients get out on the water in number of stunning locations around Australia. Your staff will enjoy zooming across waterways and taking in some of the best coastal views Australia has to offer.  


What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

The best corporate gifts for employees are gifts that make them feel valued and rewarded. Adventure gifts achieve all of this and more! Adrenaline offers a huge range of adventures across Australia, from driving and flying to team-building activities that are perfect for any budget.  

What are the best corporate gifts for clients?

The best corporate gifts for clients are adventures that leave a lasting impression. With over 2,000 adventures hand selected by our expert supply team, there is an adventure for everyone. Choose an adventure for your clients, from helicopter rides, to V8 driving and swimming with sealsOr, choose from one of our sustainable kayaking adventures that will get your client out on the water, enjoying the fresh air and taking in the amazing scenery. 

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