Advanced Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training

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What do you learn on an advanced driving course?

Motorists looking to improve their car control skills may like to consider taking an advanced driving course. These courses are presented by highly-trained, professional driving instructors and make use of a mix of classroom learning and hands-on driving time on the track in your own vehicle. 

With safe driving being a key focus of the courses, you can expect to focus on a variety of driving skills, such as avoiding, correcting and minimising skids, over-steering and under-steering, correct cornering skills and the importance of vision. 

Vehicle dynamics, modern car electronics, and smoothness and balance are also likely to be covered off during the session. 

How long is an advanced driving course?

Advanced driver training typically takes a full day. It can sometimes be combined with defensive driving courses over a two-day period. Check the product details for further information on timings. Typically, courses start in the morning and are completed by early evening. 

Where can I book an advanced driver training course? 

You can book your advanced driver training courses and defensive driving courses right here at Adrenaline. With a huge range of products from leading suppliers, plus our Lowest Price Guarantee, you can book with confidence. 

If you’re searching for an advanced driving course in Sydney, look no further than the popular full day session at Sydney Motorsport Park, Sydney’s only purpose-built driver training centre. You can expect plenty of in-depth tuition on this course as it runs with a maximum of 20 drivers and has a low instructor to driver ratio of 1:5. Allow a full day, as this course runs from 8:30am through until approximately 4pm.

This particular course has a real focus on acceleration, braking and turns, and the experience provider is open to adapting in to make it more motorkhana-based, so it’s a great option for drivers who are in car clubs, or motor enthusiasts in general. 

Those based in Melbourne can really brush up on their safe driving skills by booking the defensive driving course and advanced driver training (Level 1 and Level 2) in one go. Both sessions last a full day and can be completed separately. Book in the first session initially, then agree a suitable time for the advanced component with the experience provider. 

This course is held at Sandown Raceway in the suburb of Springvale. This is around 25km south-east of Melbourne CBD. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the full range of defensive driving courses at locations around Australia.