Defensive Driving Course for Learners

Defensive Driving Course for Learners

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Can you do a defensive driving course for learners?

There are defensive driving courses suitable for people of all ages and experience levels, including learner drivers and young drivers. While not all defensive driving courses are suitable for learner drivers, some are well suited and others welcome learners providing a licenced driver is with them at all times. 

While these courses aren’t essential for people learning to drive in Australia, they may still be worth your while. As these courses are completed with knowledgeable driving instructors, they can be a great way to improve your driving skills through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. It’s a great way to avoid picking up bad habits and learn a variety of on-road safety skills. After all, safe driving isn’t just about passing your test, the bonus hours spent on the track could could serve you well for years to come.

How to get defensive driving courses for learners?

Browse the full range of defensive driving courses here at Adrenaline to find one near you. You can sort options by geographical location (as well as price range) to see what’s on offer in your state. Be sure to check the product details to find out whether learner drivers can take part before booking. 

What does a learners defensive driving course consist of?

Most defensive driving courses follow a similar structure and last a full day. You’ll spend time on the track behind the wheel of your vehicle and in the classroom. But it’s always worth reading the product details to find out a little more about what you can expect to learn on the way. 

You’ll take your own vehicle along on the day and common components include speed, reaction times and stopping distance awareness, correct braking techniques for both ABS and non-ABS vehicles, vehicle dynamics, skid causation and control.  

Classroom sessions will also focus on rules on the road (including any new additions to be aware of), road rage, security while driving, understanding driver attitudes, the importance of correct tyre condition and the 12 golden rules of defensive driving. 

You take your own vehicle along on the day and, usually, any roadworthy vehicle, from small sedans to light commercial vehicles and 4WDs are allowed. 

Tea, coffee and other refreshments are often available, but make sure to bring your own food as these courses last for most of the day. 

What is the cost of learner driving courses?

Defensive driving courses typically cost between $200 and $300. Exact costs may vary depending on location, exact course elements and whether or not any there are any special offers at that time. Check the Adrenaline site for all the latest prices and sort prices from low to high if the cheapest defensive driving near you is what you’re looking for. 

Where to take a defensive driving course for learners?

Check our range of defensive driving courses at locations across Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. The Level 1 course at Brisbane’s Mt Cotton track is one course that welcomes learner drivers with a little experience. 

Those looking for a defensive driving course in Sydney for learners may wish to consider best sellers including the full day course at Quakers Hill (which welcome learners who are joined by a full licence holder) and the session at Sydney Motorsport Park (where learners with 50+ log book hours can take part). 

If you’re seeking a defensive driving course for learners in Melbourne, take a look at our range. Sandown Raceway offers seasonal sessions specifically aimed at L-Plate and P-Plate drivers.