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Where to do a defensive driving course in Melbourne?
Drivers based in Victoria have a number of defensive driving course options to choose from. The popular Level 1 Defensive Driving course is available at Sandown Raceway (around 25km south east of Melbourne) and Tabcorp Park Stadium (around 40km north west of the city). Sandown also offers the Level 2 course, as well as the option to complete both over two full days of training.

How long is a defensive driving course?
Defensive driving courses usually take the full day. For example, for the Level 1 course at Sandown Raceway you should expect to be kept busy between the hours of 8am and 4pm to allow for check in and a prompt start. Please check your booking confirmation, as exact times may vary slightly depending on the time of year and other factors.

How often should you take a defensive driving course?
These courses are often suitable for all drivers aged 16 and up. Learner drivers and P-plate drivers may particularly benefit from some of the work around improving techniques and awareness of other drivers. Please check the details of the course ahead of booking to check suitability, as some require learner drivers to have a Licenced Driver with them at all times.

Experienced drivers can get up to date with the latest road laws and work on improving bad habits that may have formed. There’s no limit to learning.

What do you do in a defensive driving course?
You can expect a mix of theoretical and practical units in these cars, with the intention of improving your on-road safety skills. Check the product listing for further details of what’s included, but drivers will be educated about:
  • Awareness about stopping distances and reaction times in relation to speed
  • Skid prevention, control and causation
  • How your vehicle responds in an emergency
  • Correct braking techniques for non-ABS and ABS vehicles
  • Steering, seating and vision

The Sandown Level 1 course’s Fleet Safety and Defensive Driving Program sees you taking to wet roads in your own vehicle at normal road speeds. You can expect to work on a variety of exercises, including direction changes, swerving and emergency braking. Useful takeaways from the classroom include the 12 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving and how to apply them every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Is a defensive driving course difficult?
There is a lot to learn on these courses, but they’re run by experienced and friendly driving instructors, who are used to working with all kinds of people and drivers of varying levels of experience.

The experience providers promise that, no matter your current driving level, the mix of practical driving and classroom theory will see you leave at the end of the day amazed at what you’ve learned. You’ll have a great time learning, so give it a go.