Gifts Under $150

Gifts Under $150

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Finding gift ideas for $150 and under isn’t difficult, but your budget doesn’t guarantee that your gifts will be a success. If you want to buy gifts that are more valuable to a person than their cost price, and will definitely be enjoyed by whoever you’re giving them to, we can help.  

We have a huge range of exciting adventures, activities, and experiences across Australia, all designed to add excitement to your life. So do your gifting with us and you’ll be giving something more valuable than any material item you could buy.  

To help out, we’ve rounded up the most popular experiences that are under $150. Whether you choose a specific experience or give an Adrenaline gift card or voucher, your gift is sure to be a hit.  

Horse Riding Tours: There’s nothing like saddling up and riding horseback to get active and out in the fresh air. We have horse riding tours through bush trails, farms, across beaches and around some of the most beautiful spots in Australia. 

Indoor Skydiving: This futuristic extreme sport lets you experience the thrill of freefall from within a state-of-the-art glass wind tunnel. It’s as close as you can get to flying, and it’s something that anyone can enjoy - including kids as young as three years old! 

Abseiling: For anyone who enjoys conquering great heights and soaking up amazing views, our range of abseiling experiences are the perfect fit. Whether it’s a rugged cliff face, a canyon or an actual waterfall, abseiling is an exciting hands-on sport that gets your heart racing. 

Virtual Reality Experiences: VR is an incredible modern invention that is used to add an extra level of fun to all kinds of activities. Between virtual reality gaming, escape rooms, and even indoor skydiving, we have heaps of amazing VR experiences at Adrenaline that would make epic presents. 

Surfing Lessons: Nothing compares to getting out on the water and participating in one of Australia’s favourite national pastimes. You don’t need to be a pro surfer to enjoy catching some waves, and we have amazing surfing tours and lessons to suit every skill level. 

Cruises: Enjoy Australia’s best coastal spots and most picturesque city rivers with our huge range of cruises. We have everything from sightseeing cruises, to whale watching, photography cruises and cruises with a side of wine and cheese. Something for everyone! 

Paintball: You can’t go wrong with a game of paintball. Whether you’re Christmas shopping for kids, teens, or adults, everyone can get around the combat style gameplay of paintballing.  

Kayaking Tours: We have amazing kayaking tours that cover everything from dolphin spotting to city exploring. It’s easy to grab a paddle and get out on the water, so it’s an ideal gift to push someone to add a bit of adventure into their life. 

Aquariums, Zoos and Wildlife Experiences: Across Australia there are zoos, aquariums and wildlife sanctuaries that give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals. These are the perfect destinations to tick wildlife encounters off your bucket list and they are fun places to enjoy the day with friends or family.  

Flying Fox and Treetop Adventures: We have epic flying foxes and treetop obstacle courses nestled in bushland spots around Australia. These are ideal destination for kids, teens, or families, and make great gift ideas. 

Tours: Check out our range of tours across Australia and you’ll find something to suit whoever you’re Christmas shopping for.  

Attractions: Australia is packed full of exciting attractions that are well worth checking out, and at Adrenaline you can find access to everything from Port Arthur to the Gold Coast theme parks.  

Segway Tours: Gliding around on a Segway is a seriously fun experience, and we have tours that will take you through cities, bushland, beaches, and more. 

You can find plenty more gifts for under $150 at Adrenaline, you just need to browse the site and you can filter by category, location, price and popularity to find what you’re looking for. 


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