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Jet Boat Rides

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What is a jet boat ride? 

Jet boat rides are exhilarating experiences in V8-powered boats. These thrill rides feature a unique combination of sightseeing and manoeuvres like 360 degree spins that are only possible in vessels of this kind. You’ll find jet boating operators in a number of locations around Australia, so thrill seekers can feel the rush of blasting across the water at high speeds. 

What to wear on a jet boat ride?

Jet boat rides are pretty fast, so you should be prepared to get at least a little wet from jet blasts. This makes comfortable clothing like shorts, T-shirts and runners a good choice. Usually you’ll be supplied with a poncho or rain jacket to help keep you dry, but it’s a good idea to bring along some spare clothing to change into. After all, a huge part of what makes it great fun are the twists and turns through the water, so you don’t want to be worrying too much about getting splashed. Sunglasses are a good idea as the glare of the sun off the water can be quite intense. And, this is Australia, so don’t forget to slap on the sunscreen. 

What is the best jet boat ride? 

Jet Boat Sydney

For many people a jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour is a real must-do experience. And in a city with so many great things to do and adventure to enjoy, there’s no greater praise. Hop on one of the  jet boat rides from Sydney’s Circular Quay and you’ll not only enjoy the thrill of these high-powered machines, but also pass incredible sights like the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park. 
Once you’re out in the open water of Sydney Harbour you can expect the jet boat speed to really pick up. Your driver will treat you to a range of fun manoeuvres as you twist and turn along the coastline past Rose Bay and over towards Taronga Zoo on the North Shore. 

Jet Boat Gold Coast

But the truth is, the best jet boat ride is the one that suits where you are. A jet boat ride on the Gold Coast gives Sydney a run for its money, with its own combination of stunning scenery and high-octane thrills. Blast past the mansions and towards South Stradbroke Island and look out for a variety of nature. Surfers Paradise is a great place to get on the water, so be sure to check out our range. 
Other locations that are popular jet boat ride locations include Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast and Cairns. Whether you’re thinking about jumping in a jet boat for the first time or planning to enjoy the ride all over again, you can book with confidence here at Adrenaline. 

How Fast Can a Speed Boat Go?  

The thrill of a jet boat ride lies in its agility and high speeds, often reaching 90-100 km per hour with twin 880hp engines. These boats, renowned for precision manoeuvres like 270-degree spins, provide an unforgettable jet boat adventure. Your expert jet boat operator guarantees a thrilling ride, adept at handling the jet boat's powerful engines for a fast, smooth journey—a hallmark of every Adrenaline experience. 

Is Jet Boating Safe?  

Safety is always the top priority for every trusted jet boat company. Today's jet boats come loaded with cutting-edge safety technologies, and the boat drivers are well-trained to handle these high-speed machines with precision. This ensures that each jet boat ride, while packed with excitement and fun, is also safe and sound. You can enjoy the thrill with peace of mind, knowing that your security is taken care of by professionals during your jet boat adventure.