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Kayaking Sydney – Kayaking Melbourne - Kayaking Gold Coast

Explore harbours and see the city sights on an urban kayaking tour. These guided experiences offer a chance to get a great workout while learning something along the way! These stable touring kayaks are a breeze to paddle. Glide through the water between yachts and fishing boats and have your photo taken in front of city landmarks. Choose a short tour or make a day of it by opting for a longer kayaking experience with lunch included! For a truly magical jaunt, a twilight kayak tour will find you on the shimmering water while the city lights come alive and the stars twinkle above! Check out our other water sports in Melbourne here.

Sea Kayaking – Wilderness Kayaking

Get away from the city and immerse yourself in nature on a sea kayaking or river kayaking tour. On a sea kayaking adventure, you'll paddle among picturesque islands and sight turtles, dolphins and whales frolicking in the blue water. River kayaking in Australia's lush national parks is also a must for nature lovers. Take an eco-tour to observe wildlife, or crash through white spray and navigate powerful currents on a wild whitewater kayaking ride!

Off the Beaten Trail – Specialty Kayak Tours

You can also enhance your kayaking experience by pairing it with an adventure that’s anything but ordinary. Combine your soft paddles with an invigorating afternoon of snorkelling or abseiling. And for the swashbucklers among us, there’s a kayaking adventure that takes you and your family to the hulking wrecks of abandoned ships—no pirates here but you’re more than likely to spot a few dolphins!

For those who like to be pampered, there’s a kayaking tour that concludes with a soak in a hot spring or a glass of wine and a plate of oysters! And if you're getting serious about your kayaking hobby, check out a multi-day sea kayaking expedition. It offers an unforgettable trip of sightseeing and beach camping. The perfect kayaking tour is out there waiting for you. Book one today!