Skydiving Great Ocean Road

Skydiving Great Ocean Road

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Skydiving is an unbeatable experience. Adrenaline can help realise this thrill-seeking dream of a lifetime when you book a Skydiving Great Ocean Road (Torquay or Barwon Heads) package online.   

They will put you in touch with the leading skydiving teams on the Great Ocean Road for not only an unforgettable experience, but also one conducted in an atmosphere of professionalism, encouragement and conviviality. 

You’ll be marvelling at the aerial sights of this spectacular coastline, including the world-famous Bells Beach, Port Phillip Bay, lush surrounding bushland and beyond to the Melbourne CBD skyline, on board your 20-minute scenic flight. And that’s even before the skydiving fun gets started. 

What makes Great Ocean Road the best place to skydive?

The adrenaline-charged experience of tandem skydiving is a mind-boggling, heart-pounding and life-altering event in itself. But when you include some of the world’s most breathtaking coastal scenery in the mix, you have the makings of an unforgettable bucket-list milestone. 

You will even be rewarded with a personalised certificate of achievement to not only show all your family and friends, but also to act as a constant reminder of how you rose to the challenge and inspiration to relive the experience all over again. 

What can I expect from a skydiving experience in Great Ocean Road?

You should expect to be challenged but also rewarded to the hilt. Tandem skydivers generally experience a range of emotions and sensations: from extreme nervous energy intermingled with deep-rooted fear to heart palpitations unbridled anticipation, excitement and adrenaline put together. 

Once you reach jump altitude and take the plunge from your aircraft, travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour, the insane 45 to 60-second free fall is set to forever alter your personal limitations. 

Then you can fully relax and breathe it all in. You will float under canopy like a butterfly, safely harnessed to your professional tandem instructor, for between five and seven minutes over the mesmerising Great Ocean Road until you reach your coastal drop zone. 

What should I bring to my Great Ocean Road skydiving experience?

You should definitely bring oodles of self-confidence and an open-minded spirit. 

Practically speaking, don’t forget to bring confirmation of your Adrenaline Great Ocean Road skydiving booking, your gift voucher, if appropriate, and personal ID for registration.

Al costs, including your Australian Parachute Federation levy, is included in every tandem skydiving package throughout Australia. 

If you are embarking on a tandem skydiving adventure and aged between 12 and 18, it is mandatory that a parent or legal guardian should be in attendance to sign relevant paperwork. 

Can I have spectators for the skydiving Great Ocean Road experience?

Spectators are always welcome to attend your Great Ocean Road tandem skydiving event. 

The family-friendly drop zones are designed for them to wave you on as you come in to land. 

You and all the gang can celebrate your life-changing achievement with picnics, leisure activities in the great outdoors at the Great Ocean Road and a toast to accomplishing your greatest inner feats.  

Skydiving adventures and surfing splendour begin and end in this spectacular coastal corner of the world. 

Is Great Ocean Road skydiving safe?

Tandem skydiving on the Great Ocean Road is as safe as it will be the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

The expert skydiving team will fully brief you upon arrival on all safety features, use of equipment and making sure you are properly suited up, in constant one-on-one guidance. 

Your professional tandem instructor will be with you all the way: taking the free-fall plunge together and releasing the chute at a set altitude of around 4500 feet.

They will even show you how to steer and demonstrate the deftest skydiving manoeuvres, so that you can come into land in expert style, impressing all your family and friends.