Skydiving WA

Skydiving WA

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Skydiving is an unbeatable, exhilarating experience. Whether it’s the stunning beach landings, wildest adrenaline rush of tandem free fall, floating like a bird of paradise thousands of feet above sea level and finally drop zones to top them all, skydiving WA puts you in the picture.

Where to go skydiving in WA?

The choice is yours in WA, but the sights and experience are set to stun from whatever base and landing zone.  

You can book tandem skydiving at Adrenaline in York, Pinjarra, Rockingham, Mandurah, Busselton, Margaret River, Perth, or over spectacular Rottnest Island

Perth city skyline, remote coastal, island or outback scenic splendours are assured. The whitest sand drop zones are your ultimate reward from all or most of these naturally resplendent WA skydiving destinations. 

You also choose to tandem skydive at altitudes ranging from 8000 feet to 15,000 feet high, placing the length of scenic flight, free fall and float at your control. 

The experience is sky high, but prices for all these packages are refreshingly down to earth. 

Adrenaline’s low-price guarantee and offer of five per cent price cut on many adventure activities on offer ensure that the priceless art of tandem skydiving in WA is affordable for all.  

There are also big discounts on weekday skydiving events from most WA destinations, so avoid the weekend rush and take savings to new highs. 

The range of gift vouchers offered at Adrenaline can also be used to redeem tandem skydiving in WA, skydiving courses or any of the 2500-plus Australia-wide experiences awaiting your selection. 

Adrenaline gift vouchers are valid for three years, fully refundable within 14 days of purchase, can be emailed or sent by post. 

Can you skydive without tandem?

Skydivers can go solo, but only after completing around 35 tandem jumps from a minimum altitude of 3500 feet. 

Adrenaline offers a range of accelerated free fall courses that set you on your path towards achieving your solo skydiving license. This expert tuition encompasses nine stages and you’ll be landing under your own parachute on the very first stage. 

Do you need a license to go skydiving?

You don’t need a license to skydive but you do need one to solo skydive or conduct a professional skydiving operation.

This is exactly what your WA skydiving company has earned with years of experience, encompassing maximum safety levels, expert instruction and an ethos for the ultimate thrills combined with the friendliest professional approach.