Vouchers for Couples

Vouchers for Couples

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Can gift vouchers be used for couples?

Finding the perfect gift for couples can be tricky, because shopping for one person is hard enough. So trying to think of something that both people will be excited about might leave you lost for answers. But there are two easy solutions to that problem.

First, think beyond material things. It’s hard to find ‘stuff’ that two people will like, but everyone likes experiences. Experience gifts are great ideas for couples, because something new and interesting to do is always exciting. Plus, something they can do together is worth more than anything else you could give them. So, check out our huge range of experiences, activities and adventures that we have available right here at Adrenaline, and finding the perfect gift will be easy.

Secondly, if you’re worried about finding a gift that the couple will definitely like, you can ease those worries by opting for a gift voucher instead. Give them the freedom to choose something they really want, or when it comes to Adrenaline gift vouchers, something that they definitely want to do. 

The good news about buying gifts with Adrenaline is that we are completely flexible. So you could buy a voucher for a hot air balloon ride as a gift for a couple, and if they decide they would rather go horse riding they can easily use the credit value of the voucher on a different experience. So no matter what, you know your gift will be a success when you shop at Adrenaline.

What is the most romantic gift experience?

Gift ideas for couples to do together can be adventurous, outdoorsy, laid-back, and all kinds of exciting - we have something for everyone. If you’re looking for romantic gift experiences, look no further. You can find unforgettable romantic experiences that will make the perfect gift for couples or for you and your partner right here. To help out, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular romantic gift experiences that you might want to consider.

Check out our range of flying experiences that will take you for thrilling flights over the most beautiful spots in Australia. Hot air balloon rides are a classic romantic gift idea for couples, and we have balloon flights to take you soaring over breathtaking landscapes like Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, Barossa Valley, Melbourne CBD, and plenty more. You can even splurge for a hot air balloon package that includes things like a gourmet meal and champagne to make things extra special. We also have a huge range of helicopter experiences that would make amazing unique gifts for couples.

If staying on the ground is more what you’re looking for, you’ll find a seemingly endless variety of different experiences and activities in our Land Adventures category. Have a browse and you’re sure to find a romantic experience to suit the couple you’re shopping for. We have horse riding tours through rainforest, bushland and beaches that are the perfect adventure and gift for couples. Or maybe a bucket list activity like the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is the romantic gift experience you’re looking for. 

For people that love getting out on the water, we have plenty of water based experiences to get excited about. Check out our huge range of cruises that include everything from self-driven city river cruising to whale watching cruises out on the open water. Think about it - floating down the water with a glass of wine and a cheese platter is an ideal romantic set up, and the perfect gift for a couple. Our range of sailing experiences are also great gift ideas for couples, especially tours that include dinner, champagne, sunsets, or all three!

At the end of the day, the type of experience and what is considered romantic depends on the couple, and you can find something to suit everyone at Adrenaline. So an Adrenaline experience gift voucher is the perfect gift to add a bit of romance into the mix, and ultimately the couple can make the final decision on which experience they choose. 

Which is the best gift for married couples?

If finding the perfect gift for a couple seems challenging, thinking of gift ideas for married couples is always more difficult. That usually has to do with the fact that married couples are settled, with all the ‘things’ they need in their house and an increasingly picky attitude towards their ‘stuff’. So ditch shopping for material things and find amazing experience gifts for married couples right here at Adrenaline.

We have a huge range of activities, outings, adventures, and unique experiences available across Australia, so there are plenty of options for any couple to get excited about. With an Adrenaline gift voucher you’re giving them the opportunity to do something new and exciting together, which is more valuable than anything else you could wrap up. 

Plus, even if you pick a specific Adrenaline experience for them, they can ultimately use the credit value of the gift voucher on any experience on our site. So you can rest assured that your gift will be something they’ll really enjoy.

What is the best gift for new couples?

One of the best things about being a new couple is that everything is so fresh. Everything you do together is a first and comes with an extra layer of excitement as you enjoy spending more time with each other. It’s a fun time, and a fun experience is the perfect gift to suit this stage of relationship. We have countless gift ideas for couples to do together and our range of experiences are ideal gifts for new couples. 

The same goes for newly engaged couples - what better time to enjoy an extra-special experience together? You can find amazing engagement gifts and engagement present ideas in our Australia-wide range of experiences. We have everything from big ticket items like hot air balloon rides for two, to lower-cost items like cruises and sailing experiences. 

Whatever you decide on, the value of an experience is worth infinitely more than the cost, or any material item you could find. Plus, with our Lowest Price Guarantee and constant availability of Adrenaline promo codes, you’re always getting the best deal when you shop with us.