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Is a gift voucher a good gift for girls?


Finding the perfect present is never easy, and when it comes to gifts for girls things can feel even trickier. If you’ve racked your brain for the perfect gift ideas for your sister, daughter, or niece, rest assured that it’s a common struggle. You don’t want to bombard young girls with ‘stuff’ that will just end up in the junk pile in a few weeks with the rest of their Christmas or Birthday gifts. You want to get them something that will bring them real joy, something that they’ll remember, something that they’ll love. That’s why a gift voucher is actually the ultimate gift for girls. It gives them the choice to get something they really want, and ensures that your gift will be a smash hit.


At Adrenaline we have a range of gift vouchers to suit every occasion, so finding the perfect present is always as easy. If you’re going to give a gift card, a voucher for an experience is the way to go. With an Adrenaline gift voucher you’re giving her the opportunity to choose an experience that excites her, and to make a memory that’s worth more than any ‘thing’ you could give. Plus, there’s something to suit absolutely everyone in Adrenaline’s extensive range of experiences, so you’re always giving the right thing. It’s a foolproof plan for any Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or any occasion at all.


Is a gift card a good gift for the woman in your life?


The cliché is that women just want jewellery and other high-flying items, which isn’t (always) true. What women really want is to be made to feel special. More than any material thing, devoting your time and energy is the ultimate gift, if you make that time together something special. So a thoughtful and romantic gift idea for the woman in your life is a gift voucher for an experience you can share.


No matter what the occasion, Adrenaline has an extensive range of experiences across Australia to make her happy. The best part is that with an Adrenaline gift card, you also give her the gift of choosing the experience for herself. She gets the power, you both get to enjoy the experience and savour the memories forever. Gift cards are the perfect way to ensure that your gift is a success.


What is the best birthday gift for her?


If there’s anything that can guarantee that your gift to her is the ultimate birthday gift, it’s letting her have a hand in choosing it herself. We’re not talking about letting her pick out shoes or sunglasses that she gives to you to wrap and feigns surprise when she opens it. Gift cards are the perfect way to give the power partially back to her so that she gets the most out of your gift.


At Adrenaline we have an extensive range of experiences to fulfill the wishlist of every girl or woman searching the site, so there are plenty of female birthday present ideas to choose from. If we had to narrow it down to the top 10 birthday gifts for her, some of the more popular choices would include:


  1. Tandem skydiving from heights of up to 14,000ft over beautiful landscapes across Australia.
  2. Horse riding through lush Australian bushland and across pristine beaches on amazing tours.
  3. Jet skiing through crystal blue coastal waters.
  4. Getting up close and personal animal encounters on whale watching tours.
  5. Conquering the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.
  6. Making a day out of a visit to the aquarium or zoo.
  7. Taking her flying high with a helicopter ride.
  8. Learning to surf together with surf lessons.
  9. Enjoying a beautiful cruise around Australia’s iconic coastal landscapes.
  10. Soaring into the air for a hot air balloon ride.



What gift vouchers will mum love?


Mum’s are givers, and they give their time, energy, and everything they have to create your life, so you want to nail her gift. When her Birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day comes around you need to be equipped with the gift ideas for mum that will make her feel happy and loved. And do you know what Mum’s deserve? Everything! But more realistically, what you can give your Mum is the feeling of living life to the fullest, and you can get that through the extensive range of exciting experiences available on Adrenaline.


Give your mum the opportunity to choose an experience that she’s excited about with an Adrenaline gift voucher and you’ll make her very happy. Whether you do the experience together, or she takes her friend or partner or even goes solo, you’re giving the gift of life and memories when you give an experience.


By giving an Adrenaline voucher for an experience you’re ensuring that Mum can’t just spend a voucher on something mundane or sensible out of ease or financial duty. An experience gift card is permission to indulge in something you really want to do but might not have otherwise. By treating mum to a gift voucher, you’re making sure she treats herself, and gets to do exactly the experience that appeals to her the most. No matter what the occasion, Adrenaline gift cards are the perfect present for mum.


What are the best last-minute gift vouchers for her?


The thing about most gift cards is that if they’re for a mall or a shop of any kind, it sort of seems like you could have gone and bought them some ‘thing’ but you just couldn’t be bothered or didn’t know what to get. With a gift card for an Adrenaline experience you’re saying that you want them to enjoy a life experience and make memories, which is infinitely more valuable and thoughtful.


So if you’re doing your Birthday gift shopping, Christmas shopping, or any present shopping last minute, avoid a measly cash card and keep things personal with an Adrenaline gift voucher for an experience. That way, your Mum, sister, daughter, wife, or whichever woman in your life you’re shopping for gets to choose the experience that she’s the most excited about, and that experience becomes an exciting part of her life. It’s much better than any ‘stuff’ or ‘thing’ that you could get, or any generic gift voucher. Experiences are the most valuable thing we can give.


Plus, if you’ve left things seriously last minute, you can just hop online and get an E-gift card on Adrenaline. You could have the ultimate gift sorted in mere moments, and make her very happy - which is the whole idea!