Calder Park Raceway

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Surrounded by your mates who will be cheering you on from the grandstands as your roar around the racetrack, Adrenaline will make sure that this is an experience that you won’t soon forget. You’ll start by watching your instructor zip around a few laps; demonstrating the overtaking, apexing and late braking skills that make the racetrack a truly unique driving experience. Of course, your instructor isn’t doing this all just to show off! Shortly after, when outfitted in a jumpsuit and helmet you’ll be taking the wheel of a 450hp V8 car yourself. Take a deep breath and get ready for a mind-blowing automotive dream.

Brace yourself for that awesome long straightaway that’s going to beg you to see how hard and how fast you can push it. Your instructor will be guiding you via intercom, so don’t worry; you’re in safe hands. Incorporate those overtaking skills and late braking to truly handle the V8 like a professional.

Life is too short to stay in the same routine. Get out of that family sedan and come to Adrenalin where the perfect combination of V8 horsepower, safe instruction and speed will make this a day you’ll never forget!

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