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Prize Competitions

Choosing an Adrenaline adventure as the prize for your next competition has benefits that a physical prize simply cannot match. You’ll not only incentivise your customers to buy the product or service that you’re offering, but you will also capture new audiences that can be nurtured into long-term customers. 

When you choose adventure for your next prize competition, you are encouraging your customers to step out of their comfort zone and into something spontaneous and exciting. We have a huge range of hand-selected adventures that are available in every state and territory across Australia.

Plus, setting up a prize competition with Adrenaline is simple with all eGift Cards delivered within the hour and valid for five years. You can also access our marketing assets which are easy to download.  


Top Adventures for 

Prize Competitions

Promotional Prizing Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning Over the Gold Coast Hinterland

Give your customers unbeatable panoramic views over Queensland’s Hinterland on a hot air balloon flight. This adventure will leave a lasting impression on your customers, who won’t be able to stop talking about the epic adventure your amazing brand gave them.


Promotional Prizing Skydiving

Skydive Over the Beach in Wollongong

Want to give your customers the adventure of a lifetime? This skydiving adventure over Wollongong Beach is all you need to be the brand your customers never forget! Your customers will feel their hearts race as they jump out of a plane from 15,000 ft in the air.


Promotional Prizing V8

V8 Racing at Sydney Motorsport Park

Get your customers behind the wheel of a powerful 450hp V8 race car. They will ride shogun for two extreme hot laps with a professional driver, then take control of the wheel for six thrilling laps accompanied by pro. Your customers won't forget you after this adventure!  


Promotional Prizing Helicopter Rides

Scenic Helicopter Ride Gold Coast

Give your customers an epic 20-minute helicopter ride over the Gold Coast. They’ll enjoy birds-eye view of the city. This unforgettable adventure will give your customers a new point of view on your amazing brand! 


Promotional Prizing Scenic Flight

Private Flight over Ningaloo Reef

Let your customers take off on a thrilling scenic flight over the Ningaloo CoastFor one hour, your customers will soak up spectacular aerial views of Ningaloo Reef’s turquoise waters. Your customers won’t stop talking about this adventure and your brand! 


How do you start a prize competition?

1. Head to
2. Select your eGift card design, quantity & value.
3. Checkout.
4. Download images and logos
5. The order has already hit your inbox.
6. Tag @adrenaline_au on Instagram to be featured on our Insta-stories.

What are good prizes for competitions?

The best prizes for competitions are adventures that your customers will enjoy.

  • Sell adventure as a lifestyle, not just a product
  • Add value over discounting
  • Reduce buyer's remorse
  • Capture customer data for eGift Card delivery

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