Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

When it comes to high-flying adventures our hot air balloon rides offer the perfect combination of thrills and relaxation. There's something truly magical about floating with the wind and taking in the views. If you've never tried a balloon flight before then maybe now is time to make it happen. Take a look at the range of options available here at Adrenaline. 

How much does a hot air balloon flight cost?

At Adrenaline we offer a range of Hot air balloon rides that range in price. Starting at around $270 per person on a midweek flight to $1700 for a private hot air ballooning experience for 2 people so you are sure to find the right ballooning experience for you. 

How long does a hot air balloon ride last?

Your adventure kicks off in the early hours of the morning at the launch site where you will help the operator inflate the balloon. Our hot air balloon rides usually last between 50 - 60 minutes however the whole experience takes around 4 hours inclusive of the travel time to and from the landing sites, as well as the champagne breakfast following the balloon flight.

What to expect on the day of your hot air balloon flight?

Starting at around 4 am before the sun comes up, you'll join your group and get ready for take-off. Once you're in the air, The Hot Air Balloon flight is both picturesque and tranquil as you float above the farmland and trees below. Watch as the sun bursts from the horizon and paints the sky pink in a spectacular morning sunrise.

At the close of some balloon flights, you'll top off your exhilarating morning with a champagne breakfast, and reflect on the awesome adventure you’ve just embarked on.

What are the best hot air balloon rides available in Australia?

Hot air ballooning is an incredible adventure and a true bucket-list favourite. You don't need to travel a long way to enjoy the best hot air balloon rides as they are available in locations around Australia. From the blend of golden sands and skyline on a Gold Coast and Byron Bay hot air balloon ride to the stunning vineyards on Barossa Valley outside of Adelaide, Yarra Valley, and Hunter Valley flights, or the Avon Valley countryside near Perth. Adrenaline ever offers hot air balloon rides over the beautiful riversides on the outskirts of Sydney.

In Melbourne, you can even watch the city come to life from the unique perspective of a hot air balloon as flights travel over the CBD. Look out for iconic Melbourne sights like the MCG, Eureka Tower, Flinders Street Railway Station and, of course, the Yarra River.