Low Footprint Adventures

Low Footprint Adventures

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Why Low Footprint Adventures?   

At Adrenaline, we believe in adventures over “stuff”, memories over material things. We stand for the adventurous, those who want to conquer themselves not the planet. And we believe we have many opportunities to create a change for the better. Our Low Footprint Adventures build on that belief 

We’ll continue to bring you the very best adventures and things to do around Australia and New Zealand.

We will continue to work with suppliers to support them in their own goals and efforts to reduce their environmental impact and build on our low footprint range, 

What are Low Footprint Adventures?  

Our Low Footprint Adventures range was created with the Good Life Goals in mind and all of them meet at least one of the following sustainability credentials: 

1.         Promote mental health and well-being, hoping to help you stay well 

2.         Use sustainable practices 

3.         Reduce environmental footprint 

4.         Encourage sustainable living 

Here are just a few of the Low Footprint Adventures you can book and enjoy: 

Water sports 

Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, kiteboarding… all awesome activities that are also carbon neutral or positive experiences, meaning the ones on this page don’t harm the environment.   

Outdoor activities 

Get out and explore the best of Australia and New Zealand with amazing outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Not only do these adventures cause minimum impact to their surroundings, they come with health and fitness benefits too!  


See the underwater world and the creatures that call it home up close. These adventures take care to leave the surroundings as they were found and make the minimal impact possible through steps such as locally sourced equipment.  

Tours and activities  

Hop on one of our eco tours. These suppliers are biodynamic, free from harsh chemicals and operate in the most sustainable way possible.  

Why aren’t all experiences low footprint? 

For us, this is just the beginning. Change takes time, but all adventures in this range meet at least one of the sustainability credentials. We’ll continue to expand our Low Footprint Adventures range and work with our suppliers to help them meet their goals over the years ahead, wherever they happen to be on their sustainability journey.  

How we’re moving to a more sustainable future  

We believe we can transform the landscape of the Australian and New Zealand experiential category. Here are a few of the ways we plan to do it: 

  • Champion inclusion and offer diversity in our operations  

  • Embrace our social and environmental responsibility for the better of all communities involved  

  • Keep this range up to date and share exciting new products as they arrive 

  • Raise awareness of what we’re doing to inspire others to play their own part