Gift Vouchers For Men

Gift Vouchers For Men

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Are gift vouchers a good gift for men?


Gift shopping for anyone can be hard, but shopping for men is often an even bigger challenge. So instead of getting him more ‘stuff’ that he may or may not want or need, a gift card can make your gift a guaranteed success. Gift cards give him the opportunity to treat himself to something that he really wants, so it’s always the perfect gift. Whether it’s a Birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or just something to celebrate a special occasion, gift cards make fool proof presents for men. 


What are the best gift cards to gift men?


Of all the gift vouchers you can get him, what’s more valuable than an experience? With an Adrenaline gift voucher, the man in your life can choose from a huge range of experiences to find something that he’s really excited about, and that’s infinitely more thoughtful and personal than any cash card for a mall or shop.


Whether he chooses to spend his gift card on some extreme sports like skydiving or V8 Supercar hot laps, watersport adventures like jet skiing or flyboarding, or even an activity that you can both enjoy, he’ll find something he loves in the huge range of experiences that Adrenaline offers. No matter his age, his taste, or his location in Australia, there’s something for every man in your life on Adrenaline.


By giving an Adrenaline gift card you are giving him an opportunity to tick something off his bucket list and make incredible memories. Giving experiences is like giving someone the opportunity to live their life, and it trumps all gift ideas for men every time.


What gift card will dad love?


Finding the right thing to give Dad can be a struggle. If you’re looking for unique gifts for him, why not grab an Adrenaline gift card and let him indulge in whatever experience excites him the most? You can get E gift cards online and with Afterpay, so the perfect gift for Dad is never out of reach, no matter how last minute you’ve left it.


The best thing you can give Dad for his Birthday, or whatever special occasion is calling for a gift, is an opportunity for some excitement. This is your chance to show your appreciation for your Dad by giving him something that he’ll actually enjoy. No bottle openers, cufflinks, or any ‘thing’ can compare to the feeling of experiencing something amazing. So let Dad indulge in something thrilling, extreme, exciting and just pure fun with an Adrenaline gift card.


What can he get with a gift voucher?


With an Adrenaline gift card, the man in your life can choose from hundreds and hundreds of experiences across Australia. There are so many ideal experiences for men who love the outdoors, adventure, extreme sports, or just ticking something off their bucket list. The Adrenaline site is packed with gift ideas for men, and he’ll have no trouble finding experiences he’s keen to book.


Every man is different, but for an overview you can look at some of the most popular experiences on Adrenaline.

  • Skydiving is definitely a bucket list experience for a lot of thrill-seekers, and with amazing views over some of Australia’s most beautiful spots we have all the best places to do it.
  • If they’re into fancy and fast cars, there are enough V8, Supercar, motorbike, rally driving and hot lap experiences on Adrenaline to satisfy any petrol head.
  • Indoor skydiving is a super popular take on the extreme sport that gives you the opportunity to feel the thrill of freefalling from a state-of-the-art wind chamber.
  • Bucket list attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb are as exceptional as they are iconic, and always a great gift idea for men.
  • For water sports junkies there is everything from jet boating to jet skiing, kayaking, swimming with sharks, and everything in between.
  • Cruises and whale watching tours are also perfect gift choices for a more relaxed adventure.
  • Flight simulators let him live out his air force flying fantasies and sit in the coveted pilot seat.


If you’re keen to check that there are some experiences the man in your life will definitely go for before buying him an Adrenaline gift card, browse the website and have a look. You can use the filters to narrow your search by location, budget, genre, and more, so you can search to their particular interests. There’s no shame in sorting your search to show lowest prices first and working your way through - whatever makes it easier for you to make sure Adrenaline has the perfect gift for him.


You can also check that there are some exciting experiences he could use his Adrenaline gift card on with our Adventure Gift Finder, which will show you a range of experiences tailored to your preferences and filters like budget and location. It’s easy to use and the perfect way for him to use his Adrenaline gift card.


What’s a good gift card amount?


The amount you put on a gift card depends on what suits you, and you can choose from a range of standard amounts or put a custom dollar amount on an Adrenaline gift card. Even if you can’t afford a huge amount, by giving even just a little you give him an excuse to indulge in an exciting experience that he otherwise might not have treated himself to. Plus, regardless of whatever you can afford when the Birthday, anniversary or special occasion rolls around, you can buy E gift cards online with Afterpay and pay later.


One way to help decide how much you want to put on an Adrenaline gift card is to browse the Adrenaline experience range and see what you think he might like. You can use the site filters of the Adventure Gift Finder tool and judge how much you want to put on a gift card based on the price of the experiences you think are winners. There is a huge range of experiences at a huge range of costs with amazing discounts and promo codes to make things affordable, so there’s really something for every budget.


What is the best anniversary gift card?


If you’re celebrating an anniversary and trying to find the perfect gift for him, there are no gift ideas better than an experience that you choose together and enjoy together. Adrenaline has countless experiences across Australia that are perfect for couples, and what better way to mark the special occasion than doing something special with him?


An Adrenaline gift card is an ideal gift for an anniversary with the man in your life, because you can select what you want to do from a huge range of experiences. Whether you want to tick an extreme sport off your bucket list, or enjoy a more low-key romantic adventure, together you’ll find the perfect experience for you on Adrenaline.


How long are gift cards good for?

With an Adrenaline gift voucher you have years to spend the value on an exciting experience of your choice, so there’s plenty of time to find the right time, place, and experience for you. If you have a gift voucher for a particular experience, then the price of the activity displayed on the gift card is locked in for 18 months. After the 18 months, if the price of that activity changes then you can either pay the difference or use the gift card credit towards any other experience on the Adrenaline site. The flexible system makes Adrenaline gift cards the perfect gift for any man in your life.