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What are the best unique Christmas gifts?

Trying to think of unique holiday gift ideas every single year can become a challenge, because there’s only so many ‘things’ you can get someone before it starts verging into the territory of being junk. Especially when you’re looking for unusual Christmas gifts, you don’t want to mix up unique for useless. So, if you’re trying to find cool Christmas presents that they’ll really be happy to receive, why not gift an experience?

At Adrenaline, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of exciting experiences that are the perfect way to shake up what’s under the Christmas tree. The best unique Christmas gifts aren’t just a ‘thing’ they can have, it’s something they can do, and all the fun and memories that come along with that. Experiences are the most valuable thing you can give. So to help you with present ideas, here’s a Christmas gift guide with some of the most popular unique picks you’ll find on Adrenaline.

  • Indoor skydiving brings all the thrill of flying and freefall together with state-of-the-art wind tunnel technology to make a futuristic extreme sport. Trying indoor skydiving is an incredible feeling and actually something that the whole family - even kids as young as three - can take part in. It’s also less expensive than skydiving and definitely more unusual, so it makes a very cool Christmas present. 

  • Skydiving is also an epic gift to give, that’s definitely a more exciting and unique Christmas present than a scarf, notebook, or any ‘stuff’ they’ll unwrap on Christmas day. You’ll find heaps of tandem skydiving experiences at all the best and most beautiful jump spots across Australia, making your Christmas shopping that bit easier. 

  • Sydney Bridge Climb is a true bucket list experience, but so many people living in Australia and even Sydney still haven’t ticked this one off. Climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and soaking up the best view in the city is definitely something out of the ordinary that they’ll never forget. 

  • Learning to fly is a unique gift that will give someone the opportunity to fulfill all their lofty pilot fantasies. We have flying lessons for everything from aerobatic planes to helicopters, so whatever you (or they) choose it will get their heart racing. 

  • Scuba diving gives you access to a whole new underwater world and lets you see things you’ll never forget. It’s the kind of experience that leaves you excited about life, and it’s the perfect unique Christmas gift for any water-lovers you know.

  • Swimming with sharks is another unique gift idea for the water-lovers out there, though this one’s more on the thrilling end of the spectrum. Take a look across the site and you’ll find shark diving experiences all over Australia that will give someone the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most intimidating creatures in the world. The feeling is exhilarating. 

  • Abseiling is the perfect activity for thrill-seekers and anyone up for a spectacular view and a hands-on activity. You can scope out epic abseiling experiences across Australia, which would make amazing unique Christmas presents for anyone who likes the excitement of heights.

  • Ghost tours are a super fun thing to do that someone might not necessarily organise to buy for themselves. Our wide range of ghost tours are definitely an unusual gift, perfect for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and likes a bit of a spook. 

This is just a glimpse of the huge range of experiences that you can find on Adrenaline, so if you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift you can trust that you’ll find something with us. Ditch the junk and give experiences to shake things up and make this Christmas really special. 

What do you get someone that has everything for Christmas?

Some people really do have a lot of stuff. And having a lot of stuff makes them very hard to shop for. So when the festive season rolls around, what do you gift the person that has everything already? 

The trick is that people might seem like they have everything, but there is no way that they’ve experienced everything. It’s just impossible. That’s why Adrenaline is the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping. For the person that has everything you need to get them something unique, and what’s a better Christmas present than something they’ve never done before? 

Whether they’re into extreme sports, bucket list activities or just general adventures, there’s something for every type of person across our huge range of experiences. You could give them an excuse to enjoy the fresh air and thrill of heights with an abseiling adventure, get them to try something completely unique like indoor skydiving, or maybe even a scuba diving tour. You can find all the best online gifts on Adrenaline and make your Christmas shopping easy.

What are cool gifts for Secret Santa?

Secret Santa and Kris Kringle are a really fun way to bring the festive season into the office, or cut down the number of presents you need to buy between friends and family. But finding the perfect gift can be challenging. If you want to make your Secret Santa gift unique this year, gifting someone an experience is the perfect way to do it. 

We have epic experiences across Australia for a wide range of prices, so you can make it work for whatever your budget is. If you’re working with a low price limit, you could even gift someone an Adrenaline voucher for that value and give them an excuse to treat themselves to an awesome experience. Experiences are the most valuable thing you can give anyone, so your unique Christmas gift is sure to be a winner.  

Where to buy Christmas presents online?

Whether you’ve left things last minute or you just don’t feel like getting involved in the rush of Christmas shoppers, you can find great gifts online without stress. Buying actual items online can be a bit stressful because you have to worry about the shipping timeline and costs and all that jazz, but if you do your Christmas shopping here at Adrenaline you don’t have to worry about any of those things. 

Even if you leave it to Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning, you can always find an amazing, unique gift on Adrenaline. There are countless experiences you can browse online and more and more being added all the time, so getting your Christmas gifts online is as simple and easy as ever. Just browse the site, see the categories, filter your search by things like location, price, or whatever it is you’re looking for. You’ll be able to find experiences and adventures to suit anyone you’re shopping for, and buy unique gifts online in a matter of moments. Best of all, it can be delivered quickly and easily by email. 

The great thing about doing your Christmas shopping with Adrenaline is that it’s completely flexible. You can buy someone a voucher for a particular experience - like skydiving - and they can book in the time that suits them, or you can give someone an Adrenaline gift card or gift voucher for a dollar amount that they can spend on any experience that excites them the most. Plus, if you give a voucher for a specific experience but they end up wanting to do something else, they can use the credit value on any other Adrenaline experience they like on the site. So your unique Christmas gift is guaranteed to be a success.